How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

By Grant Wengeler, Contributor


Covid-19 may be present even without symptoms. With this in mind, a degree of paranoia surrounds the topic of travel during the pandemic. Thankfully, the Center of Disease Control provides valuable information to help keep travelers safe during this holiday season. Following the CDC’s recommendations can help reduce the risk of Covid-19 during holiday travel. 

First, check online at to see the current Covid-19 status at your destination. Certain destinations may have restrictions on travel. Also, check the status of any restrictions along your planned travel path. Certain areas may enforce restaurant closures, so be sure to plan ahead just in case food and drink are not easily available. Keep updated on your path of travel and destination to avoid hazards. 

Before you travel there’s a few things you’ll need to keep safe. First and foremost is, of course, a mask. However, the CDC recommends that anybody traveling should also carry disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer (60 percent alcohol or higher), and consider packing food and water in case restaurants are unavailable.  

Behaviors which may reduce the risk of infection during travel include wearing a mask on any public transportation or in any public space, disinfect surfaces such as buttons at gas pumps, wash or sanitize hands after any exposure to public areas such as bathrooms or in convenience stores, and acquire food using curbside pickup or drive-thrus. 

The CDC recommends that everyone stays at home as much as possible, but by taking the above precautions the inherent risk of travel can be reduced. Learn more by visiting, and stay safe.