How to support local businesses during the new restrictions


By Emily Driskel, News Editor


A couple weeks ago, students and members of the EWU community were able to go to local restaurants in downtown Cheney to enjoy indoor dining. Friends could spend time with their loved ones while eating their favorite foods.

With Gov. Jay Inslee’s new state mandated restrictions began on Monday, Nov. 16 at 11:59 p.m., indoor seating at restaurants and bars are banned across the state for four weeks. Outdoor seating is allowed but the seating is very limited. 

The new state restrictions have affected many businesses across the state, especially local businesses. Ever since March, when the first restrictions came into effect, local restaurants have been struggling to maintain business. They rely on university students and faculty to keep their restaurants running.

During these few weeks, there are ways to support surrounding local restaurants, even though indoor seating is not available. Here are some things that are beneficial to local restaurant owners during these times: 

Ordering takeout and delivery 

Although individuals are not allowed to eat with others at the restaurant itself, some places still offer takeout options or even food delivery. This provides support to the restaurant and allows people to still eat their favorite meals at home. 

Purchasing gift cards

Buying gift cards from local businesses benefits both the seller and the buyer. People can either save the gift cards until state restrictions lift or give them as gifts to their friends. Therefore, restaurants still receive their customers’ support, even though the customer may be getting food another time. 

Check out websites for updated information 

If restaurants have their websites available, the owners may post updates about their business and new options. Some restaurants can offer new information such as their new protocols with the state restrictions, deals on their food items and ways customers can support them through this time.

Social media

Many restaurants have their own social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just by sharing one post to a personal account can provide attention to businesses and raise awareness to the restaurant itself.

Reach out to small business owners

When visiting local businesses, asking the owner questions about their business and how to support them can be encouraging to many people. Something this simple can reassure small business employees that customers are willing to assist them.


There are still ways to show support to local business owners that are struggling during this time. Lending a hand, whether it is sharing a post on social media or buying a gift card, is always appreciated and can make a bigger impact than people realize.