New Eagle Bites Business in Cheney


Bene’s famous California Benedict and fries. It consists of two poached eggs, thin-sliced turkey, avacado, tomato, sun-dried tomato and hollandaise sauce over an english muffin | Mckenzie Ford for The Easterner

By Emily Driskel, News Editor


With the state of Washington having new restrictions, indoor seating and pubs will be closed until mid December. Therefore, this has impacted many communities with local restaurants not receiving the same amount of business as before this restriction. 

In lieu of these new restrictions, a new business has recently opened in Cheney. Eagle Bites, similar to Doordash, allows people to order food from their favorite local Cheney restaurants and have the food delivered to their door.

When The Easterner talked to Scott Newman, one of the owners of Eagle Bites, he said that business has started to increase in the past few weeks.  Derek Baziotis, owner of the local restaurant Bene’s, also owns the business with Newman.

On the Eagle Bites’s website, there is a process listed for how to order food. First, people must fill out their zip code and the time they want their food to be delivered. Then, individuals can choose which restaurant and the type of food they wish to order. Finally, there is a checkout process and the food will be ready in 30-60 minutes. 

Eagle Bites is open everyday of the week with lunch hours from 7am-2pm and dinner hours from 2pm-11pm.

Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza has daily drink specials. The location opened January 2018. | Mckenzie Ford for The Easterner

Here is a list of restaurants you can order from on Eagle Bites. 

  • Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza 
  • The Mason Jar
  • Bene’s 
  • Eagles Pub
  • Wild Bill’s Long Bar
  • Zips
  • El Rodeo 
  • Marketplace 


Here is a link to the Eagle Bites website as well as the contact info of the business.