Election Day in the PUB


Bailey Monteith

Main stairs at the entry of the PUB.

By Emily Driskel, News Editor


On Tuesday Nov. 3, ASEWU hosted a non-partisan voting event in the PUB, allowing members of the EWU community to register to vote. ASEWU wanted to create a safe environment for students and the community to exercise their right to vote. 

The Washington State Legislature passed the State Bill 6313, which became enforced in 2020, which required public universities to host a Student Engagement Hub run by the students.

Michelle Schultz, associate director for Student Facilities PUB and Housing and Residential Life, talked about the process of setting up the event.

“ASEWU representatives and Student Affairs staff met several times with Vicky Dalton [the Spokane County Auditor] and her team to go through the logistics of what was required and the rules for hosting a Student Engagement Hub,” said Schultz.

Student Brandon Carey casts his vote in the ASEWU Primary Elections in 2014.

She said the students also worked with the IT department to obtain the technology needed for the event. 

Throughout Election Day, Schultz said they had 201 people go through the Student Engagement Hub, not including any volunteers who may have voted. 

Josh Ashcroft, associate vice president of Campus Life, said participation was consistent throughout the event.

“Every 10 minutes a student, staff, faculty or community [member] would come into vote,” said Ashcroft. “We even had someone come at 7:59 p.m. right before the 8 p.m. deadline.”

Ashcroft said he enjoyed seeing students participating in the election.

“Every 10 minutes a student, staff, faculty or community [member] would come into vote,” -Josh Ashcroft, associate vice president of Campus Life

“The majority of participants were EWU students with some of them taking advantage of the ability to register and vote on the same day,” said Ashcroft. 

Around 27 students volunteered during the Student Engagement Hub.

“They did an amazing job making sure students got the help they needed and keeping everyone safe,” said Ashcroft. “Big shout out to Sigma Phi Epsilon for getting their members to volunteer.”

Ashcroft said they look forward to this event in the future. 

“[This event] has provided us a blueprint for how to run Student Engagement Hubs in the future, hopefully in a world past COVID,” said Ashcroft.