The presidential election: What EWU was up to


Richard N. Clark IV

Key Baker (left), the unofficial ASEWU president-elect, looks on at Reilly Responte (right), who filed a grievance after losing by 11 votes. Responte cited Bylaw 2017-18/206A section 4-D as his main argument. This was during the ASEWU elections in 2019.

By Ben Blakney, Technology Director

In typical 2020 fashion, the presidential election was one of grand proportions. Incumbent Donald Trump ran against challenger Joseph Biden. At the end of election night, the race was tight. Biden led with 253 electoral votes to Trump’s 213.

Students at EWU spent the Tuesday of Nov 3 in a variety of ways. All responses were kept anonymous.

“I played video games with friends and watched a movie with my dad.” said a film major. “All while constantly hitting the refresh button on the election map on my phone.”

“That was the day we read our scripts,” said another film major. “I played Minecraft all day and tried to forget the election was happening.”

Other students had other plans.

An English education major stated they spent the day working a 12-hour shift at Domino’s, to then go home and start drinking.

Similar students rang similar sentiments.

“I was getting drunk and pretending to live in Ireland,” said a psychology major. “I was so worried.”

Ultimately, this election was very stressful for a lot of EWU students, each with their own unique ways of coping.

“I had class in the morning and work in the evening,” said a communications student. “Then I went home and refreshed the map incessantly. There were definitely some drinks involved as well.”