ASEWU hosts election day event

By Emily Driskel, News Editor

Election Day is fast approaching. The Associated Students of Eastern Washington University (ASEWU) is hosting a non-partisan event allowing EWU students, faculty and members of the community to vote on Tuesday Nov. 3. The event will be held in the PUB’s NCR room from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Any individual from the EWU community who is eligible to vote will have the opportunity to vote as well as complete same day registration at the same time. ASEWU believes that people should have the right to vote while feeling safe to do so.

Because this event is non-partisan, no campaigning will be allowed in the PUB.

For students looking for support after the election, there are some opportunities available for individuals listed on the InsideEWU website

Interim President David May, in an email sent out to students, said that EWU will be working together as a community during this time.

“I am confident that leading up to the election and regardless of the outcome, we will come together in a civil and respectful manner as fellow members of the EWU community,” said May.