EWU Confessions Guy Sells Account

By Emily Driskel, News Editor


Throughout the last two years, the Instagram page, EWU Confessions, has caught many students’ attention. EWU students were able to submit confessions anonymously to be posted on the account. 

Recently, the student who runs EWU Confessions decided to sell his page. When The Easterner talked to him earlier this week, he said he started the account during his freshman year of college, around March 2018.

The idea came about when he was tired of doing homework.

“There was an Instagram that I followed,” said EWU Confessions. “It was a general college Instagram page, and I realized that we didn’t have anything similar to that at the time, so I thought I would get the ball rolling and hopefully it would catch.”

For the past couple years, the Instagram page has gained a little over 5,300 followers. 

“I have loved basically every single moment of this thing,” said EWU Confessions. 

The EWU Confessions Guy reflects on one of the highlights of running his page. Last Halloween, he teamed up with a few other students to throw a Halloween party. All of the proceeds of the party were given to a member of Sigma Epsilon who is battling cancer. 

“We were able to donate over $450 to his battle against cancer,” said EWU Confessions. “So it was really cool seeing all these people coming together and [donating] their time.” 

When asked what influenced his choice to sell his account, he said that he felt it was the right decision. 

“It was one of those things where you know when it is time to part ways,” said EWU Confessions. “It caused too much drama in my personal life.”

EWU Confessions Guy said the account was not as anonymous as it used to be, and he was experiencing backlash personally. 

“I thought it was time for a new chapter,” said EWU Confessions.

“It was one of those things where you know when it is time to part ways,” -EWU Confessions

Someone initially reached out to purchase the account when many followers thought EWU Confessions was joking about selling the page. When that option fell through, he decided to sell the account in an auction format, with the highest bidder winning access to the account. 

“It took off,” said EWU Confessions. “I was speechless about the whole thing; it was really cool to see the support.”

EWU Confessions said Bene’s offered a gift card and The Basement to the new account owner.

Another guy owns the account now but has currently been very busy. EWU Confessions said the new owner has good intentions with the page going forward.