How are students pursuing summer jobs?


Mckenzie Ford for The Easterner

The Cheney Safeway is one of many grocery stores that have had to make COVID-19-related guidelines for their customers and employees.

By Emily Driskel, Reporter


Summer is finally approaching. People are starting to make summer plans, going out to the lake and spending more time outside. Applying for summer jobs has also been a thought on students’ minds. 

This summer will look different compared to past years due to the pandemic. Many businesses  had to close in March to ensure social distancing. But some places such as grocery stores and some coffee shops continue to be open and hiring. 

Becca Dideriksen, a senior at EWU, said that she has never searched for a job before until now, so she cannot compare it to other summers. She imagines that it is more difficult since less places are hiring right now. 

“I haven’t been looking in a super broad way,” said Dideriksen. “More just going ‘hey maybe I’d like to work here’ and then applying if an application is available.”

Dideriksen was originally hoping to work in a daycare.

Career Services office is located in room 114 in Showalter Hall. They can help you with job applications, internships, career counseling, and resume and cover letter review. (Photo by Karissa Berg)

[COVID-19] has definitely affected that because many daycares are either closed or not hiring right now,” said Dideriksen. 

Junior Maddie Chapman said that COVID-19 has not affected her job search. 

“I’ll probably be applying to coffee shops and grocery stores,” said Chapman. “Before the pandemic, I would have been applying to entry level jobs anyways. They’re still hiring during the pandemic so I don’t think there will be much of an issue.”

Chapman said that it doesn’t seem like she will have difficulty being hired. 

Due to an increase of demand for essential workers during the pandemic, some businesses have increased the amount of people hired in Washington. Businesses such as 7-Eleven, Amazon and The Dollar Tree have hired thousands of essential workers, according to King5 news.