Money saved after moving out of dorms

By Emily Driskel, Reporter


Many students’ experience of living in the dorms was shortened when EWU President Mary Cullinan announced the switch to online classes in March. Students faced the decision of whether to finish out the year living on campus or to move out. 

With only about 200 students remaining on campus at the beginning of spring quarter, some students decided to move out of the dorms. Students were not required to pay housing and dining fees for the rest of the quarter.

Giacobbe Galietti, majoring in criminal justice, will be a sophomore in the fall and moved out of Pearce Hall when online classes were announced.

“It was pointless to be on campus when I could do everything from home,” said Galietti.

He estimates he saved somewhere around $8,000 this quarter. Galietti plans to save the money to pay for future college and will return to EWU in the fall. 

Alexa Noriega, a freshman majoring in sociology, who moved out of Anderson Hall, said saving money was a major reason she decided to return home.

“I was disappointed and didn’t want to leave,” said Noriega. “I ultimately knew the money it cost to stay wasn’t worth it when it came to the less than desirable experience I would get out of it.”

Noriega has found the opportunity to work during this time and has been saving the money she makes. 

“I’ve been wanting to buy a new car for a while now but didn’t have the opportunity to set money aside for it until now,” said Noriega. 

Noriega said she saved around $2,000-3,000 spring quarter.

Housing and dining rates included room rental, a dining plan, internet and other living expenses. Room and board rates can be found on the EWU website

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