Spring quarter as a Greek student

By Emily Driskel, Reporter


Last year around this time, spring quarter was in full force. People were gathering together in hammocks, planning outdoor trips with friends or enjoying the fresh air on campus. With the current circumstances, many EWU programs have made some adjustments with their planned activities, including the nine sororities and 10 fraternities. Some students chose to move home, and Greek life made some alterations.  

Some of the big events scheduled for spring quarter had to be cancelled due to social distancing practices. Freshman Maddy Fay, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, said there have been major adjustments for her this spring.

“For spring quarter our formal was cancelled, as well as mom’s weekend and Greek week,” Fay said. 

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Mckenzie Ford

Kayla McMartin, a junior in Alpha Xi Delta, mentioned some other events that were cancelled.

“Some of the big events that got cancelled include Greek week, many formals, graduation and many more that were supposed to celebrate seniors,” said McMartin. 

Junior LeAndrew Alarcon, president of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, said one of their philanthropies in April for autism was cancelled because of COVID-19.

“Our event was going to be a basketball tournament to raise funds for autism awareness month,” Alarcon said. 

Alarcon said that adjusting to these challenges is not easy for all organizations.

“For spring quarter our formal was cancelled, as well as mom’s weekend and Greek week.” -Maddy Fay, Freshman

“Being in a leadership role as president, it has been very difficult to learn and interact with my members throughout the quarter,” said Alarcon. “So many organizations have big ideas/plans for spring quarter due to the nice weather of course, but it’s unfortunate we had to put it on pause and wait until the campus opens up.”

Junior Victoria Mahle, the Alpha Omicron Pi Chapter President, said being in a leadership position has been hard recently with not being able to see other girls physically. 

“You want to make sure all your sisters are doing okay during these difficult times,” said Mahle. “You have a lot of duties to fulfill and for some officers, it is harder to do virtually.” 

Justin Clements, a sophomore in Kappa Sigma, said the necessary transitions have been challenging. 

“It has been a rough transition from how everything was to where we are now but it’s for the best,” said Clements. “There is a reason for major changes to be in place.”

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Mckenzie Ford

Another transition some fraternities and sororities have taken on is meetings over Zoom. Fay said that Alpha Omicron Pi has been using Zoom this quarter. 

“We have been adjusting to communicating within our sorority on getting things done and staying connected as a chapter,” said Fay. “Zoom has been a great way to stay in touch and stay united as a chapter.”

Clements said his fraternity is also using Zoom now to communicate as a chapter. 

As with all EWU students, online classes have been a major transition for members of Greek life. Fay said it has been hard to adjust to doing homework and learning online.

“I like the classroom setting with friends and being able to learn in person,” Fay said. “It can be a challenge emailing your teacher and waiting for answers to questions and making sure you are understanding the material.”

greek houses
Mckenzie Ford

Clements said that it has been a challenge to transition from in-person classes to online

“Since we are having to stay at home and not getting the chance to go to class, it feels like everything is homework,” said Clements.

Mahle said that she has been proud to be a part of an amazing chapter.

“My sisters amaze me with all their successful accomplishments, how positive they have been, the connection that has been stronger…” said Mahle.

Although it has been tough at some points, McMartin said that this experience has been eye opening at the same time. 

I think that seeing people push through the dark time and still work hard is so inspiring,” said McMartin. “With everything being very unsure, the dedication people have is just astonishing.”