EWU Confessions account promotes supporting local business

By Karlee Van De Venter, Arts and Features Reporter

    To encourage supporting local businesses, the man behind the EWU Confessions account collaborated with The Basement, a local bar. On Friday, April 17, the 10th order placed would receive $10 off their purchase, courtesy of EWU Confessions. 

     “It was their first week of being reopened so I wanted to help them out,” the Confessions guy said. 

     Operations at The Basement have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. For several weeks, they were completely shut down, and have had to cut employees since reopening.  They began making deliveries of beer and liquor throughout Cheney to make up for lost business. 

Mckenzie Ford

     “I think most local businesses are trying to be creative in order to make it through this time,” said Tyler Sokoloski, owner of The Basement. 

     The 10th order came in over the phone for a “Spicy Mango Margarita Party Pack” and The Basement signature “DIY Baked Potato.” The winner was told after ordering that they received $10 off, and was given the opportunity to order more. After receiving their order, they posted on Instagram tagging both The Basement and EWU Confessions. 

     Social media has been a big part of business’ attempts at staying afloat amidst the pandemic. When customers promote businesses, it can be a big help, according to Sokoloski. 

     “EWU Confessions has been great with promoting local businesses,” Sokoloski said. 

     The page often features promotions for The Basement, Bene’s, Ben and Jerry’s Spokane, El Rodeo, Rosa’s Pizza and more local businesses

Malati Powell

     While small businesses are struggling, there are ways that students can help support locally while still staying safe and following stay-at-home guidelines. Small local businesses can be chosen over chain restaurants. Many local businesses have social media accounts to keep track, and sharing their posts helps a lot. 

     “Let people know about local businesses still operating in the area,” Sokoloski said. “Cheney has always been great at supporting local businesses.”

     An extra $10 from the EWU Confessions was able to promote The Basement and boost sales for one night. 

      Social media shares from students can help, especially from those still in Cheney. As local businesses turn to deliveries and other solutions to keep operations running, students can put in the extra effort to keep their favorite local spots open for business.