ASEWU general elections conclude with meager 5% voter turnout


By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

This year’s ASEWU election season is now over. 

These are the election results of all the candidates who were eligible to win in the ASEWU general election:

President: Lloyd Dees 268, Reilly K. Responte 241

Vice President: Victoria Mahle 353, Abigail Greiner 147

Finance Vice President: Emily Fitzgerald 488

Council Position #1, Academic Affairs: Davey Smouse 491

Council Position #2, Athletic Affairs and University Advancement: Cole Harrison 488

Council Position #3, Diversity Outreach: Petal Michaud 288, Jose Giron 217

Council Position #4, Graduate Affairs: Emmett Jones 499

Council Position #5, Legislative Affairs: Danica Jenck 494

Council Position #6, Student Activities: Ian Baisch 257, Hamine Mendez 252

Council Position #7, Student Health and Safety Services: Haylee Martin 333, J.T. Helland 170

Council Position #8, Student Services: Alma Esquivel 257, Cassie Ames 224

Council Position #9, Technology and International Development: Desmond Heath 497

The turnout for the general election decreased from 701 students in the primary to 516 in the general elections.

There are 9,422 eligible voters. 

Gloria Bravo, the current ASEWU director of elections said she is a bit disappointed about the turnout.

“I think overall there’s some positives and some negatives to be reflected on,” Bravo said. “I am a little disappointed that we weren’t able to get the same voter turnout as we did in the primaries … but we also did not get any grievances filed and that was one of my goals.”

Bravo said she is proud of all the students that came out and decided to run. 

Dees said he was disappointed that the turnout had decreased.

“It was very disappointing honestly,” Dees said. “I can’t believe we went down from 7% to 5% … it was really sad.”

Dees said he is looking forward to how unique next year will be.

“It was really cool (to win the election),” Dees said. “I’m honestly just super excited for the next school year … it’s going to be unlike any school year we have had before.”

Both Mahle and Harrison were involved with this year’s ASEWU administration and bring experience being involved with governing the student body.

Mahle is a council clerk in the current administration and has been elected Vice President. Harrison holds Council Position #2, the same seat he just was re-elected to.

Mahle said that the first thing the new administration needs to do is to ask students what they want from them, what students need and their expectations from ASEWU. She also pointed out that she would like to help students with the mental health side of dealing with COVID-19. 

Harrison said the new administration needs to be more transparent. He said that ASEWU needs to keep students informed, and by keeping students in the loop, ASEWU receives a lot of student input that way. 

Mahle and Harrison, like Dees, were both disappointed and a little alarmed of the low amount of student voter turnout. 

Mahle, who is the chapter president for Alpha Omicron Pi, also said that students running for ASEWU from the Greek community have faced some backlash. The Easterner will have a follow-up story on this in the coming days.