ASEWU General Election Preview


By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

The ASEWU general elections start April 28 at 8 a.m. Voting is the same as it was in the primary elections on EagleSync. 

Polls do not close until 10 p.m. on April 30. 

The ASEWU primaries narrowed the field of candidates. The top two candidates moved on. If a write-in received more than 50 votes, they were placed on the ballot for the general election.

For the position of president, Lloyd Dees had 363 votes and Reilly Responte had 319 votes in the primary.

For executive vice president, Victoria Mahle led the way with 393 votes. Abigail Greiner narrowly edged out Joel Cline, 140-132 to move on to the general election. 

Finance vice president had no candidates for the primary. Write-in Emily Fitzgerald received 76 votes and therefore was placed on the ballot for the general election. 

For council position #1, Academic Affairs: There was a tight race between Wendlyn Martinez who had 330 votes and Davey Smouse who had 333. Martinez dropped out of the race, due to a job offer she received. 

For council position #2, Athletic Affairs and University Advancement: Cole Harrison ran unopposed and received 642 votes. 

For council position #3, Diversity Outreach: Petal Michaud received 380 votes and Jose Giron received 287 votes. 

For council position #4, Graduate Affairs: Emmett Jones ran unopposed and received 651 votes.

For council position #5, Legislative Affairs: Danica Jenck ran unopposed and received 648 votes.

For council position #6 Student Activities: Ian Baisch led the way with 294 votes, Hamine Mendez received 240 votes and Aldo Castro received 141 votes. 

For council position #7, Student Health and Safety Services: Haylee Martin received 485 votes and JT Helland received 177 votes.

For council position #8, Student Services: Alma Esquivel received 265 votes, Cassie Ames received 260 votes and Caelin Fillingim received 128 votes.

Council position #9, Technology and International Advancement: also did not have a candidate on the primary ballot. Desmond Heath received 93 votes and will be eligible to be on the general ballot. 

Gloria Bravo, the current ASEWU director of elections, said that some students have had some technical difficulties with the ASEWU election being exclusively online.

“There have been technical difficulties that have come up,” Bravo said. “I know something students have been telling me was that after the voter pamphlet was uploaded on to the election page … it was hard to see … the print was too small… and there has been a little bit of lag letting IT know there is a problem.”

This year, 701 students voted in the primary out of 9,422 students who were eligible. That comes to a 7.44% voter turnout.

Bravo was a little disappointed in the voter turnout, but also took in consideration that voting was done exclusively online. 

“I personally was (disappointed) because I set a pretty high goal at the beginning of the school year,” Bravo said. “However after talking with Stacey Reece … the head of SAIL … she kind of made me realize where there are years that we are all on campus and everything is normal … and this (turnout) is about what we got before.” 

The ASEWU debate was April 24. 

Bravo, who was the moderator for the debate, said she was proud of all the candidates. 

Students can vote in the ASEWU general elections at beginning April 28.