Adjusting to different food options

By Emily Driskel, Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to daily activities, such as food options available for people. The “Stay home, Stay healthy” order has closed all nonessential businesses, including the choice to sit down and have a meal in restaurants. Takeout options are still available in some restaurants, allowing customers to receive food while remaining six feet apart. 

Erynn Hamrick, a student at EWU, said that she has eaten takeout a lot less since the quarantine began. 

“When I was on campus, it was likely that I would purchase something almost every day, but now I’m cooking and baking and having homemade meals almost every day,” said Hamrick. “Occasionally I will still leave the house to support local businesses like West Plains Roasters and El Rodeo.”

For students remaining in the dorms, there have been major changes in dining services. In an email sent out by EWU President Mary Cullinan, there is take-out service only, but no dine-in options. The Union Market is still available for students with limited hours. Einstein Bros. Bagels remains open and offers Grubhub to order at this location. 

Grocery stores have also been impacted by the current pandemic. Many people have been shopping more often, leaving certain aisles empty. 

Mitchell Roland

Hamrick said she definitely puts a lot more thought into what she is buying when going to the grocery store.

“Grocery shopping used to feel like a stress-relieving activity where I could focus on something other than school, whereas now I feel somewhat guilty about leaving the house to buy ingredients and snacks,” said Hamrick. 

Since quarantine has confined many people to their homes, freshman Shannan Matthews has chosen to cook more often. 

“I’ve been cooking a lot more since I’ve been stuck at home the past few months,” said Matthews. 

Hamrick and Matthews were asked about their favorite meals to cook recently. 

“My favorite things to cook lately are anything related to breakfast and chocolate chip cookies,” said Matthews. 

Hamrick said that quarantine has helped her discover a love for food.

“I’ve been baking a lot more, so it’s been mainly sweets,” said Hamrick. “My favorites have been some peanut butter no-bake cookies and my extra salty dark chocolate Hershey cookies.”

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