2020 ASEWU candidates


Image obtained from the ASEWU Facebook page

The 2020 ASEWU election process will take place solely online.

By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

COVID-19 has provided its fair share of problems but nonetheless, the show must go on. There are 20 students who are running for an ASEWU position this year. There are two positions, finance vice president and council position #9: technology and international advancement that are void of a candidate. Write-ins will determine how those positions are filled.


Lloyd Dees 

– Major: Psychology

– Experience: President of Alpha Tau Omega  

– Would like to increase diversity on campus as well as increase mental health awareness 


Reilly Responte

– Major: Communications with a minor in political science

– Experience: President of Beta Theta Phi for two years

– Would like to bring a broad positive change and vibe to EWU and create a family environment on campus


Joel Cline

– Major: Philosophy and political science 

– Experience: Security liaison for the student senate at Spokane Falls Community College

– Would like to have all police on campus wear body cameras, as well as building a better relationship between the police and students 


Abigail Greiner

– Major: English education with a minor in SPED

– Experience: Vice president and NCC of residence halls coordinator

– Would like to improve student experience on campus


Victoria Mahle

– Major: Communications

– Experience: President of Alpha Omicron Pi

– Would like to improve the connection between students and faculty


David “Davey” Smouse

– Major: Business administration

– Experience: ASB vice president 

– Would like to provide more access and promotion for academic help on campus


Wendolyn Martinez 

– Major: Political science with a minor in economics

– Experience: A delegate for the diversified Greek Council

– Would like to help both retention and completion rates, while providing more student access to academic resources


Cole Harrison

– Major: Marketing with a minor in sports management

– Experience: Was elected to this position last year and currently holds this position

– Would like to build a better relationship between athletics and the entire student body


Jose Giron

– Major: International business

– Experience: House and risk manager for Beta Theta Phi

– Would like to increase diversity awareness across campus


Petal Michaud

– Would like to be a voice for all minority groups on campus


Emmett Jones

– Major: Master of fine arts in creative writing 

– Experience: Graduate affairs council for ASEWU for 2019-20

– Would like to improve resources that are available to graduate students


Danica Jenk

– Major: Philosophy and women’s in gender Studies

– Experience: Vice president of Scary Feminists Club on campus

– Would like to be a voice for people who do not have one, especially for minorities and marginalized groups


Aldo Castro

– Major: Sociology

– Experience: Secretary for Alpha Tau Omega

– Would like to make the experience for the vast majority of the student body better


Benjamin “Hamine” Mendez

– Major: Journalism news editorial emphasis with a minor in design and communications

– Experience: Head of social and philanthropy events for Beta Theta Phi

– Would like to plan events that are compatible for students and the university 


Ian Baish 

– Major: Business marketing

– Experience: Vice president of the Phi Delta pledge class

– Would like to improve EWU as a whole and specifically would like events to be catered to all students


Judson “JT” Helland

– Major: Finance with a minor in economics

– Experience: Served on the student and services committee this year

– Would like to promote awareness of services on campus and increase efforts for allocated money to be spent on student needs


Haylee “Hayleemae” Martin

– Major: Secondary education with an endorsement in English

– Experience: Vice president of communication and social chair for Alpha Omicron Phi

– Would like to improve awareness of mental health on campus by encouraging students to not be ashamed of struggling with mental health issues


Caelin Fillingim

– Major: Visual communication design and user experience

– Experience: Leadership training program for Crista camps

– Would like to improve student respect from the faculty and administration and feels like student funds are not used wisely 


Alma Esquiel

– Major: Social work

– Experience: Four years of high school ASB leadership 

– Would like to create an environment where people can be themselves


Cassie Ames

– Major: Early Childhood education with an endorsement in SPED 

– Experience: Vice president of recruitment for Alpha Omicron Phi

– Would like to see more variety of food selection for people with different diets