PLUS program offering virtual tutoring


Kristi Lucchetta for The Easterner

The PLUS center, which is located in the back of the library, assisted fifty students in the GRE Prep Seminar in 2016.

By Aaron Hutchinson, Reporter

EWU students looking for academic help will still be able to meet with a tutor through EWU’s Program Leading to University Success (PLUS) services, although the meeting will take place remotely over Zoom. 

The service has been providing free study groups, tutoring and academic coaching to EWU students for almost 30 years. That dedication to the academic success of EWU students hasn’t changed this quarter, even if the way they deliver the services has.

“It does look quite a bit different during this quarter,” said Tarah Moran, who tutors students in Math and Decision Science. “Students only can access PLUS services online.”

Moran said that tutors will still be able to provide robust support to students.

“Students can ask questions about the material,” said Moran, “and tutors can use features on Zoom like the whiteboard feature to communicate efficiently with students.” 

Tutoring services can be accessed via Zoom at any time during drop-in hours and students are free to enter and leave the meeting as needed. Schedules and Zoom links can be found on the PLUS website at

PLUS is also able to offer one-on-one academic coaching to students remotely. 

“Academic coaching is a resource to help students achieve their academic goals,” said Moran, who is also an academic coach in addition to her role as a tutor. 

Academic coaching goes beyond traditional tutoring, according to Moran. It consists of a series of 50-minute sessions conducted over Zoom and seeks to help students work on skills like time management, goal-setting, note-taking, test preparation and individualized learning strategies. 

 Students wanting to request an academic coach should do so through the PLUS website.

Students already doing online courses shouldn’t need any special technology or software to access PLUS services.

“All a student needs is a device that can access Zoom,” said Moran. “The device does need a microphone and camera to communicate with the tutor or academic coach.”

Moran stressed that virtual tutoring is convenient and definitely worth doing.

“It can be done in the comfort of their own home,” said Moran, “and at any time of the scheduled session.”