Spring Break 2020 on a budget

By Lauren Reichenbach, Copy Editor

Spring Break is right around the corner and almost everyone’s social media is about to beflooded with pictures of places like Cabo San Lucas, Miami and Cancun.But what about students who don’t have money to travel?

There are still plenty of ways to have fun over spring break, even on a budget. Some EWU students shared their tips on how to have a great week off without breaking the bank.

“The bigger the party of people [on a trip], the better,” said Sofie Keller. “Hunt for those coupons and stuff. Sometimes parks will have days where there’s no fees or something. If one of your friends has a Discover Pass, marry them.”
EPIC employees Madison Brown and Karla Figueroa also strongly suggested using coupons.

“Take advantage of sales, like vacation-wise or travel-wise,” said Figueroa. “If [students] can take their own food, like snacks, that’s a huge help, too.”

“If you’re on a budget, go in on stuff with friends,” said Ryan Trueb. “Or a full car load so you can split between four people instead of just yourself, creating more possibilities.”

“Take advantage of sales, like vacation-wise or travel-wise,” said Karla Figueroa, EWU Student

There are plenty of cheaper activities available in Washington State for students still trying to plan their break. According to tripping.com, Seattle is one of the most popular budget spring break destinations in the state, offering scenic spots such as Pike Place Market, Washington Park Arboretum and Japanese Gardens and the Museum of Pop Culture. The Space Needle and the Seattle Great Wheel are also popular places to visit.

“[You’ve got] Snoqualmie Pass for skiing, Deception Pass for camping, Mountain Loop Highway for hiking and Ocean shores for camping,” said Trueb, a Seattle native, who feels like he never runs out of things to do. Other cities that rank highly on tripping.com’s Washington spring break list include Tacoma, Bellingham, San Juan Island, Long Beach and Chelan.
“I live in Chelan, so I really love going to the lake,” said Figueroa. “It’s just right there, and it’s free! There’s also a lot of hiking in the area.”

Leavenworth, located roughly three hours west of Cheney, has become a popular spring break town for students to visit as well. Keller mentioned the surrounding mountains and various camping spots nearby, as well as some cheap hotels within most students’ budgets.

Richard N. Clark IV

Students planning to stay on campus over spring break also have a seemingly endless amount of nearby places to visit.

“You can go to Coeur d’Alene,” said Brown. “It’s only 40 minutes away and it’s pretty awesome. There are a lot of great places you can go and do day trips and stuff around here.”

“[There’s] driving to Palouse Falls,” said Trueb. “Hiking at Big Rock, a road trip to Coeur d’Alene, skiing at Mount Spokane. [You can] visit Fish Lake, visit Hog Lake or explore Turnbull Wildlife Refuge.”

Spokane offers activities such as gondola rides in Riverfront Park, the John A. Finch Arboretum and many wine tasting events for students over the age of 21. With the Columbia River just a short drive away and plenty of lakes all over the state, fishing is also a way to unwind and spend some time outdoors.
Students who plan on staying home all week can find unique ways to fill their time, too. Playing video games, reading a book, spring cleaning, working on a resumé, applying for summer jobs or simply spending some quality time with family and old friends are all ways to relax during the week.