Police Beat

2/23/20 to 3/1/20


By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

2/23 Two students cited for double MIP

Two EWU students were cited and released at Isle Hall on the charge of a double MIP. Students possessed both marijuana and alcohol. Police were called for the smell of marijuana by a professor. Officers on site smelled alcohol coming from a specific room. Officers were given consent to search and were restricted. Officers executed a warrant. Students were released and referred to Student Affairs

2/28 Football player charged for intimidating a witness

An EWU freshman football player was booked into county jail for four counts of intimidating a witness. Comments were made over social media against victims and witnesses on a case being worked. The original investigation is still pending.

2/29 College students being college students

Three underage students violated alcohol violation in Streeter Hall. A CA called and reported laughter and loud noise from the dorm room. The students were charged with an MIP and were referred to Student Affairs.

3/1 Female student with all kinds of drugs

A drug and alcohol arrest was made at Pearce Hall involving one underage EWU female student who was cited and released for possession of alcohol and for drug violation (marijuana). Student was also charged with possession of a legend drug (not a controlled substance) without a prescription.