EWU student’s hearing postponed as defense attorney gathers video evidence

By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

On Thursday a pretrial conference for ASEWU legal liaison Maya Caruth was postponed until April 16 to allow the defense to obtain additional video evidence.

Caruth was charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer on Nov. 7, during the student protest that occured in the campus mall.

Caruth, and her attorney, Steve Graham, asked to have the court date pushed back to April 16. The prosecution and Judge Robert Leland both agreed.

“We wanted to wait for further video evidence.” -Steve Graham, Maya Caruth’s Attorney

“The reason we wanted to continue,” Graham said, “is that we wanted to wait for further video evidence.” 

Graham said that the defense should have the video of the body cams of the Spokane policemen who were at the protest. 

“We suspect that we’re going to have the Spokane Police Department body cam videos either tomorrow or Monday,” Graham said. 

He also said he is meeting with students on campus to watch video evidence they had captured.

Additional information regarding the future of this case, as well as more content on the recap of the pre-trial information, will be available in next week’s printed issue.