Apartment Hunting

Finding your home on EWU’s campus

Anna Maria Apartments 906 and 922 Washington Street (509)359-2451


Anna Maria Apartments 906 and 922 Washington Street (509)359-2451

By Elizabeth Price, Arts and Features Editor

Living in the campus dorms may be a dream for some, but for others, apartment life may be the way to go. 

EWU has two on-campus apartment buildings and one off campus. The on-campus buildings are the Anna Maria and Townhouse apartments. The new Benjamin Lofts are off campus. 

The Anna Maria Apartments include a total of 20 units across from EWU’s Children’s Center. The apartments consist of 12 one-bedroom and 8 two-bedroom units. 

The Townhouse Apartments are larger, consisting of 75 units located behind the university police station. 

The Benjamin Lofts are the newest addition of off-campus apartments. They have 96 available rooms including two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments located on Erie Street. 

Before students lease an apartment, there are a few things to consider: contracts, budgets and locations. 

Although it’s only January, starting the process of apartment shopping early can reserve students a living space for the 2020-2021 school year. 

April Richardson from Benjamin Lofts believes that there are some advantages to leasing an apartment sooner rather than later. According to Richardson, The Benjamin Lofts currently have open availability, and students will be able to move in mid-August. 

“There’s definitely some advantages to being able to tell me where you want to be. That’s another perk to doing it now because you are locking in the lower rates.” -April Richardson

She said she is very excited to see students develop a community of friendships at the new apartments.

Speaking of friends, room assignment counselor Melanie Potts thinks it is critical that students have really good conversations about what it’s going to mean to live together.

 On campus there can be room changes if a situation isn’t working out, but the same rules don’t apply with apartments Potts said. 

Potts said about half of the units between the Anna Maria and Townhouse apartments will be available to single students. 

She recommends making sure students know exactly what the lease entails so they are aware of their rights. 

“It could be easy to take advantage of somebody who’s living on their own off campus for the first time,” said Potts. 

She advises that students know who they’re working with because people can lead you to believe they are student-friendly, but not in the ways you would think.

Elizabeth Price

In terms of budgeting, apartments can be a great way to test drive the experience of balancing money, according to Potts. 

Second-year students are not required to have a meal plan, but may purchase the Pewter Commuter meal plan designed for off-campus students. 

Potts believes it is a good idea for students to live close to campus because parking can be quite a hassle. She thinks The Benjamin Lofts is in a great location for students. 

That being said, the Anna Maria, Townhouse and Benjamin Lofts apartments are all housing options for students looking for a place to call their own.