Looking Back: War rally shows interest

By The Easterner Archives

This story was originally published in the Easterner, Vol. 22, No. 22, April 26, 1972 and has not been changed except for AP style.

Amid signs of “Dictators Rise To Power Through War” and “Facism Will Come to America–Wrapped in an American Flag,” several EWSC faculty members spoke at a protest rally held at noon April 20 on the PUB steps.

Sponsored by the Concerned Faculty and Students for Peace Now, the rally was, according to spokesman Phil Brown, designed to “protest the increased bombing and escalation of military operations in Vietnam, and give insights to concerned students about President Nixon’s military policies there.” One of the tertiary purposes of the rally, Brown mentioned, was to promote more student participation in the presently faculty-led committee.

Nearly 150 students and faculty members were on hand to listen to the speeches. Among those at the podium were: Lyn Triplett, professor of history, specializing in Japanese culture; Henry Kass, political science instructor, who emphatically said that “we have lost this war – we must rid ourselves of it;” Cameron Weekes, wife of faculty member Ted Weekes; Cedric Hepler, member of the campus ministry; and Andy Parnes, economics instructor.

Parnes, in speaking out against the Vietnam war, exclaimed, “we have been bamboozled too long. The war is not winding down. It is still with us.” Reverend Hepler also added that “we cannot let ourselves be duped by anyone’s seemingly simplistic approach to the world’s problems,” and that President Nixon seems to have several “false prophets-in-residence.

Mrs. Weekes, who had long been active in the anti-war movement, urged that anyone interested in the cause should act-now. “We need action, and more creative action, than ever before,” she commented.

Spokesman Brown, a Vietnam veteran, ended the hour long rally by again encouraging more student participation in the organization.

“We need action, and more than ever before.”

CAMERON WEEKES, Anti-War activist