EWU Career Center and Writers’ Center offer students help creating résumés

A look at the resources offered that help EWU students perfect their résumés.


Illustration by Malati Powell for The Easterner

An illustration that shows how stressful it can be to make a resume. EWU offers many different services to assist students with building their resumes.

By Hamine Mendez, Arts & Features Editor

Creating a résumé can be difficult. Luckily for EWU students, the school offers resources to help make a presentable résumé. From the Career Center to the Writers’ Center, EWU has employees who are able to help students create résumés that stand out. 

Jenica Jett is a career advisor for the Career Center. Jett said that résumés are students marketing tool, and that each résumé should be “tailored to the job.”

If students are applying for a marketing job, for example, then students should include any marketing experience. It’s important to include any information about skills students possess that could demonstrate their knowledge in the field.

“It helps to do extracurriculars that actually give you … hands-on experience,”Jett said. “Doing things that you can put on your résumé as demonstrated knowledge.” 

Senior Bella Ogle is a peer mentor for the Career Center. She shared that when creating a résumé, students should include clubs and organizations. This shows that students have worked in teams before and know how to operate in an organizational setting. 

“Include experiences and communication skills,” said Ogle.

Ogle said how she personally has had the Career Center critique her résumé. This has made her résumé ready for any potential employers after college who may read it. 

Darcey Bradley, who is a responder for the Writers’ Center, said its entire staff has either a PHD or master’s degree. They are able to help with cover letters and résumés. 

It is important to be aware that different job fields can require different formats. What employers look for is “a constant format,” Bradley said.

“What I found to have the most significant impact, is the format of my résumé, because a lot of times people will point out the résumé (is) really professional.”

EMMALINE SYLVESTER, Office Aide for the Writers’ Center

Bradley said employers also look for descriptive detail on the experiences listed in the résumé.

Throughout the entire resume students should be clear, concise and descriptive. It should be easy to read, said Bradley. Wide margins and consistent formatting throughout are also very important factors. Strong verbs and a large name at the top should also be implemented, accourding to Bradley. 

“It’s the one document that you really need to be perfect,” Bradley said. “You know, perfect in grammar, perfect in description, strong verbs, I think … that will always stand you in good stead.”

Sophomore Emmaline Sylvester, a former reporter for The Easterner, is an office aide in the Writers’ Center. She said that when she got her job interview for the Writers’ Center, she brought in a résumé too. 

When working on a résumé, there’s a few things to keep in mind, according to Sylvester. An “uplifting tone” is what Sylvester believes to be a characteristic that can help a résumé stand out. 

Having it organized also plays a key role, said Sylvester

“What I found to have the most significant impact, is the format of my résumé, because a lot of times people will point out the résumé (is) really professional,” said Sylvester. 

Career Services is more specialized with résumé building, and helping students with finding jobs. However, the Writers’ Center can be an acceptable alternative. 

If students would like to schedule an appointment, it is located in the back of the JFK library. You can also digitally sign up on EWU’s website on the Writers’ Center page. For Career Services, you can find them located in PUB 332. Appointments are required for both. If you would like information online about résumé building visit ewu.edu/careercenter. They have a résumé section with information about creating résumés in the correct format.