Looking Back: Saving Homecoming!


By The Easterner, Archives

This story was originally published in The Easterner, Vol. 61, No. 29, May 26, 2010 and has not been changed except for AP style. 

Saving Homecoming!

Homecoming 1969 is in desperate fear of failure.

The moratorium and increased student interest in all social problems is dooming homecoming and other traditional college activities.

All over the country traditional activities, including Homecoming, Collegiate Week and even Commencement, are being snubbed, spoofed and satirized.

The New Left is so busy complaining about what is wrong and the Right is so busy complaining about the New Left that neither side seems to remember about the good side of life.

Everyone seems to think the world’s problems can be solved NOW. This they can not. But only through understanding, cooperation and friendship will they ever be solved.

To have cooperation is to adjust to another, to discard hostilities, to hopefully become friends.

One Way to do this is to start cooperating and enjoying life in a less serious atmosphere–the relaxed, even inane atmosphere that Homecoming offers.

Homecoming lasts for just a short while each year. Just as a coffee break increases efficiency in work, so should Homecoming increase the possibility of the world’s problems by promoting relaxation for a short while … and by promoting friendship.

So keep working for a better world, but pause to participate in Homecoming, too.

The bed race is at 2:40!