Easterner Asks: Why did you choose Eastern Washington University?

Giacobbe Galietti – Freshman

“It felt like home as soon as I stepped on campus. I loved how welcome everyone made me feel.”

Johnny Mcguire – Freshman

“I’ve always loved the eagles and have wanted to be here since I was younger. The eagle campus is home now.”

Rochelle Koepke – Freshman

“I came to Eastern because my parents went here and my dad played football so I grew up hearing stories about Eastern all the time. I also wanted to have the freedom of living on my own without being miles and miles away from my family.”

Emma Chadwell – Freshman

“I came to Eastern for the accelerated occupational therapy program. It’s one of the only schools on the west coast that has it.”

Ashton Beach – Freshman

“Eastern is very close to home while still giving me the ability to be independent. It’s a very kind atmosphere that has a very interactive campus.”

Alyssa Hanson – Freshman

“I chose to attend this university because the community here is so welcoming. The school spirit and how everyone comes together as one is very heartwarming.”