Keep the change: PayByPhone app replaces coin-operated parking meters

Mobile pay replaces coin operated parking meters.


The paybyphone app is taking the place of the traditional coin parking meters.

By Dylan Harris, Managing Editor

Coins are a thing of the past at EWU. Over the summer, the university removed the old coin-operated parking meters and replaced them with signs for the PayByPhone parking app.

The PayByPhone app was introduced in 2017 as an extra, more convenient way to pay for parking, but the coin-operated meters were still an option until this past summer.

“The meters are obsolete,” said Michelle Rasmussen, senior director of Parking and Transportation Services at EWU. “The company that makes them is no longer (making them).”

Rasmussen said that the parts to fix the coin-operated meters are no longer being made, and that the technology was out of date. 

Fortunately for those who frequent the meter spots, the cost has not gone up with the implementation of mobile-pay-only options.

“Cost is still the same as it was,” Rasmussen said. “We’ve been running the PayByPhone along with the meters for the last three years, so now it’s just a transition to just simply the mobile pay.”

Although using the PayByPhone app requires a smart phone, those who do not have a smart phone can call a toll-free number and pay over the phone. Rasmussen also mentioned that there is free parking available on and around campus, including lot P12. Parking passes can also be purchased.

“I’m pretty happy with the new signs,” said sophomore Kellen Reynolds. “I use the meters a lot, but I’ve never paid with change anyways. I think most people have iPhones.”

Rasmussen said that there is sometimes a slight delay between when someone pays and when the information in the app is received by the parking enforcement officials. She says that if anyone receives a citation after they paid because of this delay, that they can contact Parking and Transportation services to get it taken care of.

One noticeable improvement with the new signs is that the location number is visible from the parking spots, making it easier for people to pay through the app before they even get out of their vehicle.

“As long as I don’t have to pay more, I’m happy,” said sophomore Justin Wilkes. “The new signs do look nicer.”

The PayByPhone app can be found in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. For more information about the app or any parking-related matters, contact EWU Parking and Transportation Services.