Welcome to Cheney!

Get to know some of the popular spots to eat, socialize and study


Colleen Ford

A campus map with descriptions of some the key buildings and it's purpose. | Made by Colleen Ford and Erik Rotness for The Easterner

By Hamine Mendez, Arts and Features Editor

Campus life is truly something else. However, when thinking of campus life, everyone has a different perspective. Some of the main points that come to mind are places to eat, where to hang out and where to study. From freshmen to seniors, everyone has a unique perspective. Here are some of the perspectives from a few of your fellow students.


When asking where people love to eat on campus, the most notable & mentioned place was Panda Express. Freshman Calvin Law and senior Hayden Boring both agreed. Coming in a close second was the Union Market. Several students said they like to buy groceries and cook their own meals. Junior Kendall Watson and sophomore Emma Hudson shared that they bought lots of groceries from the market during their freshman year. 

“Toward the end of freshman year, I started making food in my dorm more,” Hudson said.

Social Life

For many, college is a great place to socialize and spend time with friends. Our very own EWU campus has been, and will continue to be a great place for friends to meet. The answers I received varied from the URC basketball courts, the school gym, the residential halls and the library. Freshman Tiana Armstrong she said she hangs out with friends mostly at their dorms. Boring mentioned the URC, because of the ice rink for Hockey.  

Study Up

One of the less popular, but more important parts of college is the studying aspect. Lots of students like to study on campus, and the library seems to be the most talked about place to study. However, people have different sections of the library they consider to be the most quiet.  Hudson mentioned how the desks with privacy walls are some of the best places to go to be secluded. I was also told that the quiet zones on the first floor are also good places to be. Outside of the library, Law shared that he will most likely be using the residential hall study rooms. Armstrong said she prefers to study in the multicultural center.

When asked about what places will be the most active & loud during the school year, I received two common responses. The campus mall and the PUB were the most noted places. However, freshman Maddie Lively said that she believes the URC will also be a very loud place filled with students. 

To get a unique perspective, I asked Freshman where they think people will be gravitated to during the school year. Some of the most notable being the PUB, the URC and the residential halls. Law said that he thinks “probably the study rooms in the halls” will receive a lot of traction. Watson also made me aware that Greek houses will also be places where people tend to gravitate toward. Although they are technically off-campus, they are a part of the EWU community.

As mentioned earlier, campus life means different things to different people.  The point of this piece is to inform any student who would like to learn about what other people think, and possibly give them an idea of how they can enhance their EWU experiences. As we can see from a variety of people, they all have different ideas on how they connect with campus. If you read something about a place you have yet to visit, I highly encourage you to go check them out.