Easterner Asks: summer plans

What are your summer plans?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Nadia Parshakov, junior
My church has lots of church camps, so I am going to three of them this year, and then I am going on a camping trip with my parents. Then I am going to work my three jobs. I am basically going to be camping, working, and tanning. I work as a manager at a Little Ceaser’s in the valley, as a caregiver for my grandmother, and as a medical interpreter for Russian to English.
Miller Jupiter, sophomore
I will go to the beach with my friends. I go back to the Westside like Everett, Washington. Shoutout Everett. I work at Tommy Hilfiger at Seattle Premium Outlets, come buy some clothes.
Marcos Mendoza, sophomore
I am going home and working. I work for the county back home doing like weed management and stuff. Home is Long Beach, Washington which is like as far southwest as you can go in Washington. I work for school and my living expenses.
Madison McCallum, freshman
Well when I am done here, I am going to a Tim Atlas concert in Seattle. The tickets were really cheap and that’s one of my favorite artists. I live in Spokane, so I am just hanging out here. I really want to get a park ranger job, because I am environmental science.
Kaitlyn Hunting, freshman
I am going to be working at a nursery for eight hours a day, and then I am going to Watershed and Cabo, which is fun, then Disneyworld. I am going to Tri-Cities. I am trying to get as much as I can this summer, and then get a job here at a nursery or on campus.
Cienna Hernandez, junior
I am actually going to do summer school, so I will be here at Eastern. Well I am taking an online one then two here on campus. Hopefully I will be home for a few weeks and enjoy a little bit of summer. I live in Bridgeport, Washington. I am in the education program, so I am taking education classes like music and social studies.