Letter from the editor:

Outgoing editor reflects on the year

Michael Brock, Editor in Chief 2018-19.

Michael Brock, Editor in Chief 2018-19.

By Michael Brock, Editor in Chief 2018-19

Hello fellow Eagles,

Time is constant and unavoidable. Even though we are aware of its ever-present existence, it still has the tendency to pass us by if we’re not careful.

That is how I am feeling as I sit here to write my final article as editor-in-chief at The Easterner.

Although it was over eight months ago, it feels like just yesterday that I was taking over the reigns of the school newspaper. I know that is a typical testament, but it is truly the case. Time has flown by. At the same time, we’ve come so far as a group this year. Without a little reflection, it is easy to simply go through the motions and not realize this progression.

On the front end, we made a few changes to better meet the needs of our readers. This included modifying some of our organizational criterion, as well as extending the print issue a couple inches in order to create more dynamic designs.

We have done more multimedia projects, like podcasts and videos, and developed a more digital-first structure. In addition, we have published several special content issues including for the midterm elections, the Big Sky basketball tournament, a “Best Of” Cheney and Spokane, and the current issue you’re reading, for our inaugural Eag of the Year awards.

Overall, I feel that we have done an excellent job reporting on the happenings of EWU. I won’t pretend that we have got it completely right on every topic or that we didn’t let any stories fall through the cracks, but we have properly informed our readers of what is going on on campus and in the community.

In addition to events, awards and other various happenings at EWU, we have written about a wide range of topics this year.

For news, we covered everything from shootings at Mitchell’s and Zip’s, to a soccer player resuscitating a man on the plane with CPR, to EWU opening a gender-inclusive floor in Dressler Hall.

For arts and features, we covered the 10th Annual Pride Week, a student who dances in the campus mall as an art project, as well as many art exhibits and theater productions.

For sports, we covered the triumphs and shortfalls of EWU’s teams on the field. The aspect I am most proud of in our sports coverage though is that we also told the stories of who the athletes are off the field. Telling the personal stories, both positive and negative, of our campus community is a mission we fulfilled as a paper.

A primary purpose of college is to prepare us for the real world and professional careers, and my time with The Easterner has done just that. I am very proud of the work this group has done, and I have no doubt everyone will go on to do great things. However, that doesn’t mean I’m quite ready to let it all go.

On a number of occasions this quarter, I have mentioned that I wish this group had more time together, because we are still improving week to week. And although we have a ton of staff turnover going into next year, I am confident that an upward trajectory will continue at The Easterner next year and for years to come, until it is as constant as time itself.