The Easterner’s ‘Best of’ the Cheney/Spokane area 2019


Richard N. Clark IV for The Easterner

An skyline of the Cheney/Spokane area. The Easterner’s ‘Best of’ gives you our staff’s top choices for food, nightlife and recreation.

By Malati Powell, Reporter

 We’re just a few weeks away from graduating and if you’re like us, you’ve been so disconnected from the world outside of tests and papers that you can’t remember all the great things out there. Fear not! We raised our voices arguing for and against our picks for the best of food, nightlife and recreation to remind you there’s some pretty neat things out there. We hope you enjoy our picks as much as we do!


Best Restaurant

Chaps, 4237 Cheney Spokane Road, Spokane, 99224

Chaps is a one-stop-shop for all your favorite comfort foods. It’s about a 20-minute drive from EWU.

“They have probably the best breakfast in the Spokane area including gluten free dessert!” Amanda Haworth, chief copy editor, said.

Chaps offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options as well. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner!

We recommend you try the blueberry muffin French Toast.

Chaps may only be rated the No. 52 restaurant in Spokane on trip advisor, but it’s No. 1 in our hearts.

Mckenzie Ford

Best Late Night Grub

Zip’s, 911 1st St. Cheney, 99004

Looking for a late night fast food snack? Zip’s is the place to go. It’s less than five minutes from EWU campus and it’s open 24 hours. You can get a full meal here for under $15.

Zips serves everything from classic burgers to breakfast. Some good late night options would be a hurricane milkshake (oreo, butterfinger, reese’s, heath and cookie dough,) and of course you can’t go wrong with some classic fries with fry sauce.

“I love their hurricanes and it’s the best place to go in Cheney to chill late at night that’s not a bar,” Drew Lawson, reporter, said.

The Zip's in Cheney
Bailey Monteith
Zip’s restaurant located on 1st Street in Cheney.

Best Cheap Eats

Denny’s, 3711 S Geiger Blvd, Spokane, WA 99224

Denny’s is a affordable food option. You can get a full meal for under $8 on the Denny’s value menu.

“You get a good bang for your buck there,” Copy Editor Sam Jackson said. “The food’s cheap in my opinion (value menu) and you get a lot of food.”

“I’ve eaten my fair share of Denny’s,” Arts and Features Editor Erik Rotness said. “My high school friends and I would plan to sneak out and meet up at Denny’s around midnight. When you’re trying to eat a lot on the cheap, it’s pretty hard to beat that build your own grand slam.”


Mckenzie Ford



Best Pub

Iron Goat, 1302 W. 2nd Ave, Spokane, 99201

The Iron Goat is a great choice when it comes to pubs. It’s location is convenient because it’s in downown Spokane. It’s open until 11p.m. every day too!

They offer a variety of beers as well as pizzas, sandwiches, sideboards, soups and salads. There are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options offered here as well.

The Iron Goat is affordable and offers a wide variety of food and drink options.

“It’s got delicious brews! And it’s just a fun lively place to be,” Copy Editor Sam Jackson said. “It’s a very airy brewery with garage doors and an outdoor patio. They have lots of seating and live music. It’s the kind of place you go to after a big run or bike ride to celebrate.”

Erik Rotness

Best All-Ages Venue

The Mason Jar, 101 F St. Cheney, 99004

The Mason Jar is a trendy cafe located in Cheney. You can get breakfast, lunch, espresso, tea, baked goods and wine!

The traditionally baked goods are made with ingredients from local farms. If they can’t get the ingredients from the area, they source their ingredients from ethically and environmentally focused companies.

“It’s a warm, welcoming environment,” Jackson said.

Aside from the great food and company, The Mason Jar is also a great place for a quick photo session!

Richard N. Clark IV


Best Live Music Venue

The Bartlett, 228 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane, 99201

The Bartlett is a venue that hosts live indie music performances. It also offers a full bar. It’s about a 45-minute drive from EWU.

The Bartlett is an affordable venue. You’ll get to hear bands and performers who are not as well known, you might even find a new favorite.

This venue makes for a fun night out with friends. All ages are welcome, and kids under eight-years-old get in free! Keep in mind that The Bartlett does not censor content from the artists that they feature.

The Easterner Archives



Best Trails

Bowl and Pitcher

Bowl and Pitcher is about a 35-minute drive from EWU. It’s a 2.1 mile hike with great views.

“There’s a bridge that goes over the Spokane River that’s awesome and there’s a lot of area where you can go off the trail and explore, which is fun,” Reporter Drew Lawson said. “My friends and I will climb the rocks which overlook the river and stuff like that.”

Once you get over the suspension bridge, you can go upstream or downstream. Going downstream you’ll pass the Spokane River, a camp and a basalt bench where you can enjoy a view of the river.


Mckenzie Ford


Best Picnic Spot

Manito Park1702 S. Grand Blvd. Spokane, 99203

If you’re planning a picnic or family outing, Manito Park and Botanical Gardens is the place to go.

The park is located in Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood, about a 25-minute drive from EWU.

There’s no charge for enjoying the park and the gardens it has to offer. The summer hours for the park are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The park includes biking paths, playgrounds, a greenhouse conservatory and photo-worthy gardens.

“It’s a beautiful spot for a day with nowhere to be,” Arts and Features Editor Erik Rotness said. “I really enjoy the greenhouse.”

Erik Rotness


Best Gear Rental

EPIC Adventures

Looking to rent some gear? Check out EPIC Adventures right here on campus! The rates are per day and are student friendly.

EPIC Adventures give students access to everything you could need for their summer adventures.

“EPIC Adventures allows students to have access to gear at a fraction of the cost that a normal business would charge.” Richard Clark, multimedia director, said. “From a backpack for a simple dayhike, to a tent for a weekend full of camping, to stand up paddleboards for having fun on water, EPIC Adventures has everything you need to get outside and have fun. The best part is they are open all summer.”


Richard N. Clark IV