NorthStar Taps points Cheney to craft beer

Cheney's newest locally owned tap house offers seasonal selections of craft beer.


Bailey Monteith for The Easterner

Brannon Reed pulls an IPA. NorthStar Tap house is locally owned in Cheney.

By Malati Powell, Reporter

Looking to taste strictly craft beer? There’s a new taphouse in town! NorthStar Taps is located at 1818 2nd St. Cheney, WA 99004. Come in for the grand opening event Friday, May 31st and Saturday June 1st for free Mexican food and pizza while it lasts! NorthStar Taps is locally owned by Brannon and Celina Reed.

Bailey Monteith for The Easterner
Brannon Reed (left) and Celina Devantier Reed (right) run NorthStar Taps in Cheney and care for their child Luke (middle). The tap house opened in May and is located on Second St., just a block away from Rosa’s Pizza.

The taproom offers 16 different taps as well as a wide selection of to-go beers. They also serve canned cider and wine. The craft beer offered here is beer you won’t find in Eastern Washington according to Brannon. Brannon and Celina travel to Portland and Vancouver to pick up their beer in person.

“Our focus is craft beer from really good breweries,” Brannon said. “This is all seasonal, limited released stuff, hard to find stuff … we have beer that’s from Vancouver, and the only way to get it is to go to that brewery and purchase it. They don’t distribute or anything like that.”

Bailey Monteith for The Easterner
A fresh poured IPA. NorthStar Taps offers a variety of seasonal selections of craft beer.

There are a few companies that carry some of the beer that NorthStar Taps carries. Everything on their menu is distributed except for Matchless. A distributed beer means that the brand sells to a large company that delivers their beer to locations, such as NorthStar Taps. Matchless is their most popular beer and the brand self distributes.

They don’t serve food, however you can bring food with you or have food delivered to the taproom. NorthStar Taps is currently in the process of working out a coupon system with local food businesses.

“There’s nothing quite like this out here, all the bars are downtown and I know that the locals would appreciate something that might be a little more chill than the college bars,” Brannon said.

For more information about NorthStar Taps visit their website or follow them on instagram at @northstar_taps.