Barb Richey selected as new VP for University Advancement


The Easterner

By Marco Vargas, Reporter

Barb Richey, the former vice president of marketing for Spokane Teachers Credit Union, has been named EWU’s new vice president for University Advancement and executive director of the EWU Foundation.

From 1999-2007, Richey was EWU’s director of development and then associate vice president for Advancement before moving on to serve as the associate vice president for Marketing and Communications at Pacific University in Portland, Oregon.

Richey, an alumna of EWU, said that she cannot wait to be back at the university after over a decade.

Barb Richey

“I am super excited to be coming back to Eastern and to be working with the executive team and all the alumni and faculty and staff,” Richey said in a phone interview with The Easterner.

Angela Jones, the former vice president for University Advancement and current vice president for Student Affairs, said that seeing Richey take over is great.

“I would hope that anybody who comes behind me would take it to the next level,” Jones said. “(Richey) has so much passion for Eastern. She understands the need for fundraising being increased over time.”

Richey said that she expects to work hard and find success in the new role.

“I’m very transparent,” Richey said. “I’d like to engage with students and get their feedback. I’m a good listener. I would work definitely hand-to-hand with Angela (Jones) and determine and discover what’s the current state and what our future looks like.”

Richey said that her philosophy is to ask a lot of questions, not make assumptions and get different perspectives whenever she is struggling with an aspect of her job or needs help.

“I’m coming back after 13 years of being gone,” Richey said. “So, the institution has changed quite a bit. I don’t want to assume anything without getting my facts and figures straight.”

Jones said that she would gladly help Richey if she needs it.

“Barb and I actually worked together years ago,” Jones said. “We’re a pretty high-energy team. And I’m excited for her to come on board.”

Richey said that engagement and leadership are traits she is working to improve.

“Working with other people is probably the most important thing that I can do,” Richey said.

To help students know her better, Richey describes herself as a person who likes to have a lot of fun and work hard.

I’m just counting down the days. I look forward to working with everybody and creating history at Eastern Washington University.”

— Barb Richey, Vice President for University Advancement

“I like to golf, cycle and mountain climb,” Richey said. “I love just being with young people, and I can’t wait to get back to the campus culture.”

Despite leaving STCU, Richey said that she will continue her support for the company.

“STCU has always partnered with Eastern, and we will continue to do that,” Richey said. “My personal background is just partner-community focus and working with people to create new and different things.”

Richey said that she is excited to be the vice president and ready to start.

“I’m just counting down the days,” Richey said. “I look forward to working with everybody and creating history at Eastern Washington University.”

Richey will officially begin as vice president for University Advancement on Tuesday, May 28.