ASEWU PR specialist removed from position


Colleen Ford

Rigg (left) listening to the formal complaint. She was removed from her position for violating multiple bylaws.

By Taylor Newquist, Sports Editor

Madyson Rigg, this year’s ASEWU public relations specialist, was removed from office by the ASEWU Superior Court May 10 for not performing all of her required job duties.

“I understand the decision of the court,” Rigg said in an email to The Easterner. “I feel disappointed that the other work that I have been diligently involved in this quarter wasn’t considered during the deliberation.”

The official judgment found that Rigg did not meet the following five requirements of her position: communicate at least one time per quarter with The Cheney Free Press, The Spokesman-Review, KEWU and any local area television or radio stations, serve as chair of the Public Relations Committee and meet at least two times a quarter, maintain and update the ASEWU website on a weekly basis, be present for regular office hours, and submit a bi-weekly activity report by 11:59 p.m. every other Friday during the academic year.

Rigg was cleared of a charge of failing to meet twice a quarter with The Easterner and the EWU director of communication and media relations.

The court also found that Rigg neglected to create and distribute a press release for the ASEWU General Elections by May 2 and to chair one Public Relations Committee meeting before April 30.

“Some of the citations were due to a misunderstanding, not negligence,” Rigg said.

Rigg told the Easterner that she will not be challenging the ruling.

The judgment was delivered by ASEWU Chief Justice Raul Sanchez. Afterward, Sanchez said that the court had no further comment on the matter.