Student Leadership Excellence Awards return to PUB

For the first time in years, the ceremony was held in the PUB community room honoring students and staff members who made differences in the EWU family


The 2019 Chapters of the Year Awards recipients, (left to right) Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. and Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. This was the first time in years the ceremony was held in the PUB. | Bailey Monteith for The Easterner

By Marco Vargas, Reporter

After being held in Showalter Hall for the past couple of years, a special event returned to the PUB on April 24.

The EWU Student Activities Involvement & Leadership program hosted the 2019 Student Leadership Excellence Awards in the PUB Nysether Community Room and honored various students, staff members and other programs that made differences in the EWU family.

SAIL Director Stacey Reece said that the ceremony went great and ran smoothly in its return to the PUB.

“It was a new experience to set up the new NCR to see how the lighting would do in the ceremony,” Reece said. “I think folks were really excited to be there. We probably had about 220 people based on what I counted. I was pretty happy with it.”

Amy Johnson, the associate vice president for Student Life and dean of students, said that the ceremony was wonderful and being back in the PUB was special.

I find that it’s a celebration not only of the individuals being recognized, but also of the great things that happen at Eastern.”

— Amy Johnson, Associate vice president for Student Life & dean of students

“I thought the ambience was great,” Johnson said. “I find that it’s a celebration not only of the individuals being recognized, but also of the great things that happen at Eastern.”

Johnson said that she felt a difference with the ceremony in the PUB after it took place in the auditorium of Showalter Hall.

“(In Showalter Hall), it is harder to get that same sense of camaraderie,” Johnson said. “(In the PUB), there’s a different environment when we’re seated at tables and you’re in groups, and you’re able to interact with people in the room. I think that the Excellence Award lends itself to a more informal and fun celebratory environment.”

Johnson said that being closer to the audience provided a much higher energy in the NCR.

“I thought that the energy was great in the room,” Johnson said. “I think the energy is always good. You can just feel a difference when people are interacting at tables and are able to walk around the room.”

Reece said that experiencing the energy from the audience and nominees in the NCR was great and that she would be glad to host the ceremony again.

“That’s what we want because that’s what the ceremony is about,” Reece said. “In the NCR, you’re closer to the audience. You get to see their reaction and hear how they’re responding as each award is being called. It’s one of my favorite events every year.” •