Looking Back: Welcome to Woodard

This story was originally published in The Easterner Vol. 19, Fall in 1968 and has not been changed except for AP style.


NEW HEAD COACH BRENT WOOTEN and small college All-American end Dave Svendsen confer in the new Woodward stadium on strategy for the upcoming season. Wooten will take over control of a team which finished second in last year’s NAIA national championships. |The Easterner, Vol. 19,Fall, September 22, 1968

By The Easterner, Archives

One of the biggest symbols at Eastern is the football team and its winning program. Eastern’s teams have won the Evergreen conference title three times in the last three years.

Last year the team went even further by playing in the NAIA small college championship at Morgantown, Washington and placing second.

Returning from last years’ team this fall are 11 lettermen including small college All- American end Dave Svendsen and his passing teammate, small college All-American Bill Diedrick. This fall’s squad is lead by a new coach Brent Wooten, a former assistant coach here for the past five years. Wooten hopes to give the fans “just as much excitement and more than in the past with the passing and running combination of the Savages.” Another ingredient that adds to the new season’s program is Woodward Field, a new football stadium in its second year. Eastern’s gridiron is surrounded by a new rubber asphalt track that has never felt the hands of a defeat in varsity competition.

In this year’s pigskin preview, the forecast doesn’t look as though the Savages will face a defeat.

Falling back on last year’s  undefeated season (10-0) and leaning forward to this year’s undefeated season, Eastern football fans can look for an exciting and rewarding football season.

At the start of every school year, ardent sport fans look forward to the new football season. This coming year Eastern can go one further in that aspect in looking forward to the debut of a new football coach, Brent Wooten.

Wooten is a 1961 graduate of University of Washington where he played football for four years. He also played in two Rose Bowl games as a halfback for the Huskies in 1960 and 1961. Following his graduation, Wooten went to Columbia Basin Junior College for two years as head football coach.

In 1963, Wooten joined the football coaching staff here at Eastern under the direction of Dave Holmes and for the past five years, he has been assistant football coach and varsity wrestling coach. This year he has traded these two positions for head football coach and athletic director for that! Savages.•