A breakdown of ASEWU positions’ roles

Know what roles and responsibilities ASEWU officials are held to in student government


Courtesy of the ASEWU website.

2018-2019 ASEWU members and advisers posing for a group photo. The ASEWU has an executive branch, a council and a superior court.

By Malati Powell, Reporter

ASEWU is the EWU student government elected to serve the students. Elected representatives act as a resource for students and work to voice and address concerns of all students.

The primary election for the 2019-2020 representatives is complete and the general election takes place this week.

Most students are aware of the ongoing elections, but not everyone is informed when it comes to what each candidate will do if they are elected. Here are some brief summaries of each elected position’s roles and responsibilities.


All of the information presented in this article references the ASEWU bylaws and the ASEWU website. For complete descriptions of each position, visit ASEWU’s official website at ewu.edu/asewu/.




The president is the Chief Executive Officer of ASEWU. They are responsible for enforcing any decisions made by ASEWU. They sign bills into law and speak on the behalf of ASEWU. They work closely with the university president, the board of trustees and the Washington Student Association to advocate for the needs of EWU students.

Executive VP

The executive vice president is the head of the ASEWU council. They lead all of the work sessions and council meetings. They help make decisions with ASEWU and take on the duties of president if the president is unable. They are also the chair of the PUB board.

Financial VP

The finance vice president is in charge of the money in ASEWU. They chair the Finance Committee, sit on the Service and Activities Committee and attend the University Budget Committee meetings. They help balance the budget of ASEWU and work on the points systems for student organizations to earn supplemental funding.


Council Representatives

Academic Affairs

This representative is responsible for advocating and addressing the academic matters of students. They work with the Academic Senate, Undergraduate Affairs Council, Rules Committee, Learning Commons and the faculty president.

Athletic Affairs & University Advancement

This representative is responsible for athletic and university advancement matters. They work with the athletic department, campus recreation, career services, University Recreation Center, Alumni Association and the vice president of University Advancement.

Diversity Outreach

This representative is responsible for all matters of diversity for students. They work with the Multicultural Center, Veterans Resource Center, Africana Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, American Indian Studies and other departments on campus.

Graduate Affairs

This representative is responsible for matters related to graduate students. They work with the EWU Spokane Student Services, the Graduate Affairs Council and act as the EWU Spokane Liaison for all students to the ASEWU.

Legislative Affairs

This representative is responsible for legislative matters related to EWU students for support from Washington state legislators. They obtain information based on the needs and wants of students and advocate on their behalf by assisting the legislative liaison while in Olympia during winter quarter.

Student Activities

This representative is responsible for matters related to student organizations. They work with SAIL to host student organization meetings that provide valuable information to the students regarding functions, funding and meeting requirements for student organizations.

Student Health and Safety Services

This representative is responsible for matters related to the safety and health of students. They work with EWU Campus Police,  Health, Wellness and Prevention Services, Disability Support Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Rights and Responsibilities and Student Support and Advocacy.

Student Services

This representative is responsible for matters of services provided to students by EWU. They work with dining services, parking, child care services, transportation, financial aid and Housing and Residential Life.

Technology Advancement

This representative is responsible for matters of technology provided to students. They work with Technical Support Services and the library circulation desk.