ASEWU hosts Riverpoint town hall in Spokane


Bailey Monteith

(Left to right) An atendee of the meeting, graduate student Maria Petsch, graduate affairs representative Taylor Larsen, President Dante Tyler (on screen) and superior court chief justice Raúl Sánchez discuss concerns of Spokane campus students on April 15, 2019.

By Marco Vargas, Reporter

ASEWU held a town hall meeting at EWU Spokane on April 15 to discuss what has been going on around the Riverpoint campus and to receive feedback from attendees regarding needs and concerns of Spokane students.

ASEWU representatives focused on five main goals: sustainability, improving communications, diversity inclusion, accountability and improving student involvement.

Council representative of graduate affairs Taylor Larsen said that ASEWU wanted to get input about how students feel about the Spokane campus and graduate programs.

“(Feedback) is very important,” Larsen said. “That’s how we run our student government and that’s how we create events for students and make sure that their voices are heard.”

Superior court chief justice Raúl Sánchez said that there is much information that ASEWU knows from its own members’ experiences on campus, but that they need to hear more from other students.

“It makes it beneficial that we reach out to students and figure out what they are dealing with and what is it that we can help them with to change, because we have the access to speak to administrators about the different things that are going on around campus,” Sánchez said. “If we’re only relaying our experiences, it’s not really beneficial in making changes that could benefit other students.”

During the meeting, ASEWU President Dante Tyler announced that he is planning to start the Spirits of Tradition Committee to help bring out students’ school spirit.

“The spirits committee would definitely be good for Eastern,” Larsen said. “The time where we didn’t have the PUB for a couple of years caused a lack of school spirit. I think the committee would truly bring that back.”

Larsen said that even though ASEWU is getting a fair amount of support, the program would love to have more support but understands that students are busy.

(Feedback) is very important. That’s how we run our student government and that’s how we create events for students and make sure that their voices are heard.”

— Taylor Larsen, Graduate Affairs Representative

“It’s also our job to get information out to them and create events that they want to go to,” Larsen said.

Handing out the information is the reason for putting together the town hall meeting, according to Larsen and Sánchez.

“While the participation isn’t at the level that we wish it would be, we do appreciate those that do take the time to go out of their way, come in and kind of let us know about what is going on,” Sánchez said. “Also, it’s very beneficial when we have our committees and students that are able to give their feedback or point of views.”

When it comes to making school-wide decisions, Larsen said that it is not easy to do.

“We would definitely have to think about more than just yourself,” Larsen said. “Being in a student government really makes you think about everyone involved.”

Larsen said that she would like to make some improvements as each town hall meeting passes by. Spreading the word is her top priority.

“Getting students to know that I truly am trying to get their opinions and understand them, it matters what they think,” Larsen said. “It’s not just going into thin air. I’m actually trying to make changes and talk to administration about things that they’re saying and to make this school a better place.”

Larsen said that the latest town hall meeting went well despite not seeing more people in attendance.

“I got some great feedback from some students and I really appreciate them coming,” Larsen said. “I do hope to get more students (in the meeting) next time and to get even more diverse feedback from students than just students from my program.”

Sánchez agrees, saying that the feedback was good and that he is hopeful to get more students involved in strategic ways.

“I felt like there was a lot of key things,” Sánchez said. “I think the graduate affairs and ASEWU in general can actually focus on improving at least the experiences at EWU Spokane.”

The next town hall meeting will take place on April 29 at 4:30 p.m. in SEWC 106 on the Spokane campus. The meeting is also available using Zoom, a video conference app, by emailing [email protected] for access. General elections for the next ASEWU representatives are April 23-25. To vote, go to