EWU Alum’s band Thrpii gets signed


Courtesy of Alicia Hauff

(left to right) Micah Luebben, Jared Price, Wes Marvin, Justin Mitchell, and Jake Milet (not pictured) were signed by Corporat as part of their band Thrpii. The group formed around a common interest in heavy music.

By Kaisa Siipola, Reporter

EWU alumnus Justin Mitchell and his band Thrpii were signed by Corporat two months ago after releasing their extended play with four tracks. Hosting house shows and putting out music on Spotify and Apple music helped them obtain publicity and get signed.

According to Wes Marvin, band member, “people were going nuts” at the few house shows the band has played. Some of which were in Mitchell’s basement. The band has also played at the Fun Dungeon in Richland, and The Pin in Spokane.

Thrpii is a punk and hardcore band from Spokane that formed in August 2018 and includes Mitchell on guitar, Marvin on drums, Jake Milet on bass, Micah Luebben on guitar and Jared Price on vocals.

All the members have an interest in heavy music which led them to choose the name Thrpii, according to Mitchell.

“The name Thrpii is characterized by this common thread, common compulsion and desire that we all have to release pent up emotion and pent up energy,” Mitchell said. “Being able to get in the mosh pit, dance around, you’re feeling relieved, you’re feeling more restful, you’re feeling accomplished and your head space is better.”

Mitchell said the band aims to play a ton of local shows, get out of town to spread out a bit, and focus on new releases.


Justin Mitchell’s background

Mitchell has loved music since he was 11 years old when he started to play guitar because he was inspired by his great grandfather whom he’s known for 15 years of his life.

Mitchell said that his great grandfather was always playing something on his guitar whenever they went camping or hunting and he was into the old western-style, Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.

Before forming Thrpii, Mitchell graduated from EWU in June 2017 with a degree in Secondary English Education, played for worship bands in the Tri-Cities from 2009-2014 and had a band, Mikkelsen, from 2013-2016 with his friend Brendan Colbert.

Mitchell and Colbert played a couple of shows at the Mason Jar,  and practiced in the penthouse of Dressler. They put together a video for battle of bands and received third place and a small cash prize when they performed in Showalter Hall.  

The name Thrpii is characterized by this common thread, common compulsion and desire that we all have to release pent up emotion and pent up energy.”

— Justin Mitchell, EWU alumnus

While Mitchell was in Mikkelsen, he learned how to produce and record. He mixed some alternative rock that wasn’t very serious.


Mitchell’s writing process

Mitchell looks up to Damien Jurado, Justin Vernon, Earl Sweatshirt and Jesus Piece songs for inspiration when he’s in the creative writing process.

According to Mitchell, a typical writing process for him resembles a sandbox because he begins playing his guitar without overthinking it. He explores what chords work and don’t work based off emotion, a song he’s inspired by or something he’s heard.

When Mitchell writes, he said that he likes to write for himself first. He writes something he  really enjoys and doesn’t worry about what is desired by others.

Mitchell says that creating songs is exploratory and exposes two things.  

“The natural world and some part of who I am, which makes me feel closer to myself in better understanding my own faculties of emotion and intellect,” Mitchell said.

According to Mitchell, having a career teaching music or pursuing a degree with music and education together has never appealed to him.

Instead, Mitchell’s goals are to work as a substitute teacher in the Spokane School District to pursue a full time teaching position in English while having music on the side as an outlet and creative passion.

Mitchell says that music is a huge passion for him, and he has been exploring more electronic rock avenues and acoustic singer-songwriter stuff on the side.

Thrpii will perform at 1809 S. Grand Blvd. on April 30. For more information about Thrpii, its shows and its tours visit https://www.thrpii.com/.