Easterner asks: Is college worth the cost?

Do you think college is still worth the cost?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Nidia Ortiz-Cotten, Junior
“I feel like it varies by major. Some majors may be worth it in the long run because you will be guaranteed after graduation. Sometimes I feel like it is more like who you know not what you know like communications. I’m told it’s hard to get a job with that major. My major is nursing and it’s more of a rewarding industry and not really about the money; I feel like I get to just help people.”
Joanna Destout, Freshman
I think college is worth it for specific degrees. I am getting my english secondary degree with a minor in theater and ASL. For training in like teachers and doctors, you need to have a good foundation on what you’re doing. Even kids who don’t go to college or go to trade school they still need to get trained on what they are doing in life. College is worth it, but it depends on what you want to do with your life.
Felicity Hempstead, Freshman
I think the price is too high. I think we should have free education to educate everyone around us. I think that is weird we are forced to live in housing with food plans. The extra additional costs are too crazy and too high. For education, my experience so far it isn’t worth it. I don’t think I have taken enough knowledge so far as a freshman for the costs I have put in.
Robert McCleese, Junior
I do believe it is worth something, but maybe not the magnitude they charge. It gives you expectation management when it comes to once you transition to the civilian sector. I’m not a straight out of highschool kind of student. I worked for twenty one years before entering college. The primary reason was to show my kid not everybody can make it with no collegiate level of education. In some regards, trade schools outweigh regular college. It teaches you aspects of the world in a more broad understanding of what is going on. There are a lot of career fields were college is irrelevant like a plumber or X-Ray tech, but for specific fields like a teacher it is worth it.
Sydney Leach, Freshman
I think yes and no. Getting a good education and degree really opens up jobs for people, but it is getting really expensive. Especially housing on campus for the first year, it is not necessary. To me, I am a premed and it is worth it. Getting my degree is really important to me, but might not be for other people.
Adrian Gonzaga-Solorio, Junior
Can a certain job be taken over by a robot? I could have just stayed at home and worked fields or in a factory, but then I have to look twenty years into the future and is that job going to be there for me still. I just decided to go to college and stay in college for graphic design.