Amber Alert cancelled: Cheney Zip’s saves the day


Bailey Monteith

Zip’s restaurant located on 1st Street in Cheney. Employees noticed a woman acting suspiciously with her daughter in the restaurant and called police after matching her license plate to the one in the Amber Alert they received in 2019.

By Marco Vargas, Reporter

A mother is in custody and a child is safe thanks to the swift actions taken by employees at the First Street Zip’s restaurant in Cheney.

The Nampa Police Department in Idaho issued an Amber Alert on March 20 for a possibly endangered 10-year-old child, who was last seen with her mother, Brooke A. Helmandollar, 41, at a Nampa, Idaho hotel.

According to police records, the child was believed to be in danger after Helmandollar behaved threateningly toward her daughter during a possible trip to the Portland area in Oregon. The suspect and the victim were believed to be in a silver 2018 Nissan Sentra.

Alissa and Brooke Helmandollar
Alissa Helmandollar (left) was found with her mother, Brooke Halmandollar (right), at Zip’s on March 20.

Helmandollar threatened to inject bleach into herself and her daughter to rid their bodies of parasites.”

— Police Report

The records say that Helmandollar threatened to inject bleach into herself and her daughter to rid their bodies of parasites. Police performed a search of her Nampa hotel room and found colon cleanses, charcoal and bleach, which combined with her statements about cleansing her daughter of parasites, prompted the Amber Alert.

Helmandollar may be dealing with mental health issues, the records indicated.

Bailey Monteith
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According to the records, Alex Newhun, a worker at the Zip’s restaurant in Cheney, spotted the described vehicle in the parking lot, and his co-worker, Ashley Shaner, immediately called the police.

Before knowing that the vehicle was in the parking lot, Newhun said that the suspect was acting suspiciously.

“She was talking to the employees about running away from a situation in Idaho,” Newhun said. “She just looked very nervous the whole time. We figured that there was something going on and thought that it would be a good idea to alert the authorities.”

Shaner said that she received the Amber Alert on her phone before Helmandollar and her daughter entered the restaurant.

“The lady and the daughter were in (Zip’s) and she was really odd,” Shaner said. “I re-looked at my phone and that’s when I put things together. I went out to check to see if a vehicle matched, and Alex had already matched it.”

According to records, police later tracked down the mother and daughter after they left Zip’s. They caught them down the road and took Helmandollar into custody. Police said that the child is safe.