Easterner Asks: Spring Quarter Goals

What are your Spring Quarter Goals, and why?

By Matthew Pennell, Social Media Editor

Easterner Asks:

Makayla Kent, Sophomore
“I want to figure out my major because I am undeclared. I am a sophomore and I think I am going into something like art. I really like drawing, and I’ve done it ever since I was little, and I am really passionate about it.”
Annyn Sparling, Junior
“I would say my goals are to learn, but also to push myself past my comfort zone. I usually don’t have to try and pass. Last year I barely tried and made dean’s list every quarter. I want to try and push myself. I want to learn about me and the world around me instead of just being complacent with life and what I am doing.”
Jafeth Luna, Junior
“I really just want to get good grades. The fact is not to procrastinate, like I tell myself a lot each quarter. I just need to stay on top of things. I plan to go to the library more. I want to influence some of my friends to come with me and give me that motivation. I guess I also want to get out more and more involved on campus.”
Colton Estlund, Sophomore
“I want to pass all my classes and get an A in everything. I am taking linear algebra this quarter, so it is going to be a difficult class. I am a CS major, so I am really just hoping to get through everything. A lot of studying and going to class everyday would help, but I also plan to meet a lot of people in my classes.”
Chris Thompson, Senior
“I want to graduate. I want to be more in Cheney campus more than Spokane campus. I also want to exceed assignment goals and expectations, now that I have more time. I have three design classes, and I am not sure what all of them are. I really just need to be more involved with the preproduction of the products to help. I am also in a business course and need to get that knocked out and taken care of.”
Celynne Pope, Sophomore
“I would say my biggest goals are just to understand everything in my classes and pass them all and get a good GPA. I am in elementary education. I am taking a lot harder classes and a full load this quarter, and I know its just going to be a lot harder.”