ASEWU president earns Gonzaga’s Thomas More scholarship


Courtesy of Dante Tyler's Facebook page.

ASEWU President Dante Tyler sits on top of a bulldog on the Gonzaga campus. Tyler was recently offered the Thomas More Scholarship, a three-year, $121,500 Gonzaga Law scholarship, as long as Tyler fulfills program requirements each year.

By Jeremy Burnham, Managing Editor

It’s not everyday you see an eagle turn into a bulldog.

ASEWU president and EWU senior Dante Tyler will be attending Gonzaga Law School after he graduates from EWU in June. Tyler has been offered the Thomas More Scholarship.

The Thomas More Scholarship is offered by Gonzaga to about five first-year law students every year. It pays the full cost of tuition and is renewable for all three years of the program, as long as the student fulfills program requirements. The tuition for a Gonzaga law student is $40,500 a year according to the Gonzaga website.

The scholarship is aimed at students wishing to “realize their commitment to serving the public interest through law,” the website reads. While in the program, students are expected to “complete a significant amount of pro bono public service legal work for which they receive no academic credit or compensation.”

“It’s a public interest scholarship,” said Tyler. “The students go there and do a certain amount of community service … You do that for all three years and then right after, part of the deal is you do three years of public service or public interest law.”

This is all in line with what Tyler says he wants to do after his education is complete.

“I want to help people, to make their lives better,” Tyler said. “Whether that is by being a public servant, being a politician or even being a judge possibly one day. Something in which I can have a tangible focus on the law in a way that helps people by breaking down those systematic barriers.”

While Tyler is more interested in a career in politics than becoming a practicing lawyer, he likes the options that a law degree can provide.

“My goal has always been to go into government, so this is perfect for me,” Tyler said. “But it also allows me to look into other options like being a defense attorney, or practicing some other kind of public-interest law. Maybe something where I wouldn’t make as much money as an attorney, but (because of the scholarship) I would have the opportunity to do it because I don’t have to take on the monstrous debt. This allows me to be able to look at interests other than corporate law while paying off my debt.”

Tyler will start studies at Gonzaga this fall. More information on the Thomas More Scholarship, including instructions on how to apply in the future, can be found on Gonzaga’s website by searching for “Thomas More Scholarship.