ROTC cadet to attend George C. Marshall leadership seminar

By Kendall Koch, Reporter

Bryce Stanton, a cadet from EWU’s ROTC, was chosen to attend the George C. Marshall Leadership seminar this summer in hopes of gaining more knowledge on how to be a better leader. The seminar, named after former U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall, is an opportunity for cadets in the 274 ROTC programs across the country to potentially attend.

Stanton, an EWU Cadet, said he is excited about attending this seminar and all the information that will come from it.

“I was chosen to attend the seminar due to high performance and leadership capabilities within the EWU ROTC program,” Stanton said in an email to The Easterner. “Cadets who have the highest points regarding the order of merit list are placed within a top percentage amongst the program.”

According to Stanton, the order of merit is based on community service, high performance in quarterly leadership, outstanding physical fitness, a high GPA and peer or cadre evaluations.

“One candidate from each university or college is then hand selected and is to attend the GCM seminar annually,” Stanton said. “While in attendance, the main topic of learning and understanding is to be able to see the future expectations of the Army’s fighting force, and how we as an organization are to transform our battlefield strategies with the evolving technology that has surmounted the previous years on the battlefield.”

Lt. Col. Jonathan Stafford, a professor of military science and the department chair, said that Stanton is a great example of leadership for the EWU ROTC Program.

“Bryce is a bright and intelligent student in school, our highest performer in physical fitness tests and (an) all around awesome person with strong leadership skills,” Stafford said.

The conference will be held at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where the top cadet from each ROTC program in the U.S. will attend to develop their leadership skills even more.