Easterner Asks: Snow daze

What did you do with your snow days?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Garrett Voss
I studied for school like finance and Econ. I would have gone skiing up at Mt. Spokane, but they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. I was pretty disappointed about that.
Madison Hawkins, Freshman
I was home for the weekend, and my flight got canceled on Monday, so I had to get a new flight yesterday. I worked here and slept. I wasn’t anticipating the snow days so I just relaxed with family and friends. I would have liked to be more productive.
Hannah Haubregs, Junior
I did homework. I did history and biology. I probably would have gone out to like the mall or something. Just something different.
Jenny Drinkwine, Freshman
I just kind of hung out home and redid my room. I just kind of did that and hung out with friends. I wish I had studied a little more.
Luke Skipper, Freshman
“I worked at Rockwood Retirement Home. I worked both days and did doubles. I would have liked to go skiing at Schweitzer.
Margaux Albright, Junior
I did a lot of homework because I am studying for midterms. If I didn’t have so much homework I definitely would have hit the mountain. I want to get that mountain time in for sure.