Easterner Asks: Trump’s wall

What is your opinion of the Trump Wall?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Ike Gethers, Junior
I feel like us putting up a billion dollar wall isn’t going to solve anything. If you are worried about immigrants coming in and stealing your jobs, you should probably just work a little harder. We are kind of lazy as Americans. I think we need to change people wise before national wise.
Josiah Richardson, Sophomore
I think there needs to be regulation, but the the process on people coming in should be sped up. I think the wall doesn’t need to be there. People dig tunnels and the wall will just be an ineffective way to use our money.
Paige Tuher, Junior
I think it is an inefficient way to fix immigration. I heard that most illegal immigrants come over in planes or overstay their visa, so I think the wall is just inefficient.
Abby Cummings, Freshman
I don’t like the wall idea. No matter what, people are going to find a way to get around it or over it. That wall would need to be 50 feet in the air and ground otherwise people are going to get over it.
Jack Harrington, Senior
“I think in a lot of ways it would benefit the U.S., but it is also harder for those who actually need to seek refuge. I don’t think it is going to slow down any drug trafficking from Mexico. I think our tax dollars could go to better places like the people or the people that are on the border.
Nastasjia Plunkett, Junior
I don’t agree with the wall. It is super isolating. People come to America to have more opportunity, but the wall shuts down that idea.