Drag queens host grocery store bingo

What better way to win some great deals?


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Arianna D. Spanic Kaine performs at the annual drag show at EWU in 2016. The show was themed "Queens in Wonderland"

By Sam Jackson, Copy Editor

She used to take her boombox and a handful of dresses across the street from her childhood home and dance to the Pussycat Dolls all summer long. Now, Spokane drag queen Arianna D. Spanic Kaine, is fulfilling her passion of entertainment and co-hosting Drag Queen Grocery Bingo on Feb. 7 at EWU.

The 26-year-old has been doing drag for almost 10 years. Originally from Moses Lake, Spanic Kaine began drag when she moved to San Antonio, Texas, during high school. As a singer and a dancer, she loves the art of drag and performs in Spokane regularly. This will be her fifth year doing a drag event at EWU, and she feels honored for the opportunity to host. Spanic Kaine will be co-hosting alongside Spokane drag queen Le Saveona.

Some define drag queens as males that dress up in makeup and costumes, channeling themselves as females and performing as entertainers. As a transgender woman, Spanic Kaine says that drag has taught her more about how to be a lady. Her motto is, ‘That anyone can be a girl, but it takes huge balls to be a lady.’

“I’ve been told a few times that I’m not a drag queen because I’m transgender and I think that is bull,” said Kaine. “I do just enough (performing in drag) as all the other drag queens do and probably more, hence why I’m hosting (at EWU).”

Though there are many different interpretations on characterizing queens, a drag queen to Spanic Kaine is someone “with a lot of makeup putting on a VMA performance” and practically a celebrity to the LGBTQ+ community. She believes every drag queen has room for improvement and should act like role models. Therefore, she thinks they should use their celebrity platform and offer hope to others.

“Hope is my main key,” Spanic Kaine said. “I’m giving hope to everybody to be themselves, not just our gay community.”

EWU senior and Eagle Entertainment Special Event Coordinator, Holly Shoemaker, helped put on this event. Shoemaker says grocery bingo was coined from the Multicultural Center’s event earlier this year, but with permission to use the idea Eagle Entertainment decided to incorporate drag queens. Eagle Entertainment invited the drag queens to host this event in an effort to “provide hype” for the upcoming EWU Annual Drag Show on March 1, according to Shoemaker.

Spanic Kaine has been a part of four annual drag shows on campus so far. She recalls riding around on EWU’s Get Tü Class golf cart in full drag and heels and passing out fliers to attend the show in 2018. Spanic Kaine will also be hosting this year’s annual drag show.

Spanic Kaine intends to bring four Spokane queens with her for the Drag Queen Grocery Bingo. She’s looking forward to giving students the chance to win groceries and have fun at the same time.

“We love to get into the community and we love to do anything we can to get anyone to join in,” said Spanic Kaine. “People get to see drag queens, and if someone is out there, because there is always that one person or two or three, that needs that eye opener to be comfortable with themselves, we’re there.”

With a budget of $300 to $500 for groceries, Eagle Entertainment will provide bingo winnings of food that students in residential halls can prepare, according to Shoemaker. Also at the event, ASEWU will enter every attendee in a raffle for a chance to win two $25 Amazon gift cards, and one $50 Amazon gift card.

“I think it’s definitely something different and new,” Shoemaker said. “It also helps us meet our diversity quota for the year. We have to do so many diversity events and this is a super popular one. People are really excited for it. I’ve never been to the (annual) drag show but I’ve learned so much helping plan it, along with communicating with the drag queens for grocery bingo. It’s been a really great experience.”

Drag Queen Grocery Bingo is on Thursday, Feb. 7, from 7-9 p.m. in the PUB Nysether Community Room. The event is hosted by Eagle Entertainment and sponsored by ASEWU. Spanic Kaine is a part of JR’s Showstoppers drag troupe in Spokane. She performs at JR’s Bar and Grill doing drag every Friday and Saturday and hosts karaoke there every Monday and Thursday.•