Easterner Asks: Struggles

What has been your hardest struggle at Eastern?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Tamam Sandifer, Sophomore
Currently I just switched my majors and then figuring out which pathway to continue. I switched from criminal justice as my major and psych as my minor and then changed that around.
Sofia Desimore, Senior
The hardest struggle is making friends. Here, everyone has their own life. It’s kind of hard to breach that barrier to get to know people. I think a lot of it has to with campus involvement.
Skylar Robison, Sophomore
I guess in my freshman year it was making friends. Just kind of getting out of the dorm room and meeting people was hard. I would like to see more freshman activities.
Hayden Hausman, Junior
Probably dealing with a couple of difficult teachers. I guess just trying to get through to make them understand where students are coming from. If there teaching method isn’t the best and they are a little aggressive.
Bryona Wilson, Senior
Just trying to find that balance between school and work is harder. That has been the hardest. I have a twelve hour day today and I’m rushing to get everywhere. I would try to be more organized. Trying to find a complete balanced system would help.
Andrew Boston, Sophomore
My hardest struggle is balancing between college football player as well as keeping up with school. You have to stay consistent with your work or fall behind. It’s easy to go home and play fortnite but you have to stay consistent.