Looking back – the Black Student Union


Photo courtesy of EWU Archives and Special Collections EWU 007-0852 #3-5-2

Above are Black Student Union officers from 1975. The BSU organization was first recognized at EWU in 1968; it focuses on black identity, black unity and black pride.

By Dylan Harris, News Editor

The Black Student Union is a longstanding student organization at EWU dedicated to providing a sense of community for African American students.

The BSU has represented black students in political and community issues at EWU since becoming a recognized organization in 1968.

The president of the first ever BSU, Al Simms, said that black identity, black unity and black pride were the goals of the original group.

The photo is a look back at four BSU officers in 1975.

Over 50 years later, in correlation with the Africana Studies program, the BSU plans and hosts events to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Kwanzaa, Black History Month and African American Awareness week.

The BSU also provides educational events that highlight the history, arts and overall cultural heritage of students of African descent. The club serves to represent black students in political and community issues, while also providing resources, according to the club’s purpose statement.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the BSU can find contact information on EWU’s Africana Studies website, or can visit the EWU Black Student Union Facebook page.

*Information gathered from EWU Africana Studies website.