EWU sororities welcome new sisters

Bid Day expands campus sisterhoods


Bailey Monteith

Senior Tessa McIntyre celebrates the end of recruitment with her sorority sisters. Chapters selected new members on Bid Day.

By Kendall Koch, Reporter


Winter quarter returns once again with classes, as does primary recruitment for the four sororities here on campus.

The four sororities–Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Alpha Xi Delta and Gamma Phi Beta–began their recruitment process on Jan. 17 with as many as 100 women signed up to potentially be new sisters of the nationally affiliated chapters.

Angelina Rudolph, a sophomore and member of Alpha Omicron Pi, explained the process of recruiting.

“The ladies will be visiting the four chapters throughout the four days getting to know them and learning about each of the chapter’s core values and philanthropies,” Rudolph said.

Recruitment takes under a week and involves visiting the chapters’ homes, learning each individual philanthropy and sisterhood events. These events are ran with the assistance of disaffiliated sisters, or Rho Gammas. The week ends with the conclusion of Preference and Bid Day.

“Bid Day is honestly the best day,” Rudolph said. “Our new ladies and recently disaffiliated Rho Gammas all run home to us to celebrate, play games, take pictures and to get to know our new members.”

Along with the chapters gaining new members, Rudolph says she feels the connection of the chapter growing stronger during the week.

“We grow closer as a chapter and work together to give the new ladies an amazing experience to grow from,” Rudolph said. “The Greek community isn’t just about bettering yourself but bettering yourself and others.”

The traditional sororities on a national level have a service or charity of choice to which they contribute their time and dedication. The chapters here in Cheney support varying charities like Autism Speaks, Girls on the Run, the Alpha Phi Foundation and the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization, to which the members raise awareness and money for the charities.

Sarah Ullmann, a sophomore and President of Gamma Phi Beta’s Zeta Alpha chapter at EWU, said she looks forward to meeting the new women.

“We are so excited to see every woman who walks through our doors,” Ullmann said. “We find brand new sisters and sometimes brand new friends as well.”

According to Ullmann, the standards in comparison to fraternities are higher for the women. The women typically dress up and are told to project a good image when being seen on campus.

“Fraternities are very different in the way they recruit. Sororities go through a very formal process whereas men do not, however, this does not deter from their values,” Ullmann said. “EWU Greek community is very much value based, and recruits based on those values.”

Ullmann described the steps that sororities have taken to reach where they are today.

“Once education was integrated into the woman’s world, we quickly realized that we needed a place where women could meet and discuss how to advance our knowledge and be just as smart and knowledgeable as men,” Ullmann said.

As primary recruitment comes to an end, women will have the chance to meet their new sisters and begin building relationships that could last a lifetime.

Gallery photos by Bailey Monteith