Easterner Asks: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

What are your opinions of the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals?

By Matt Pennell, Social Media Editor

Eric Latt, Freshman
I like it. I haven’t had too much time because of finals and stuff to really look at it, but I’ve always been a fan of those kinds of deals.
Jacobi Groomer, Junior
It doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t got shopping. I don’t find it worth it. Basic economy says you jack up the prices and then reduce them down to normal, so why fight for it?
Justin Treat, Freshman
I think they are good, because regular priced items are sometimes too high. So, this is a good opportunity to get stuff at a cheaper price, and this is good idea for companies.
Michael LaCroix, Senior
I love it. I go out shopping, you know charge up my phone and make sure its horizontal in case any fights break out, just try to have a good time and not get trampled.
Riley Erickson, Freshman
I think that I didn’t find any deals. I suppose if you found the right deal it wouldn’t be a waste of time. For me it was a waste of time.
Timothy Senchenko, Sophomore
I don’t really shop for Black Friday. For the most part I do Cyber Monday, so online, just to avoid all the hassle. You could die in some stores, so I just stick to online.