Looking Back: Beer (almost) in the PUB

Permit for PUB beer denied in 1773


Courtesy of Easterner Archives Vol 24 Issue 9

A beer tap is locked up. The Eastern Washington State University's request for the PUB to obtain a permit for selling beer was denied. This photo and article were originally published in The Easterner on Dec. 6 1973.

By The Easterner, Archives

This story was originally published in the Eastern Washington State University’s The Easterner.

The application for a permit to sell beer in the PUB has been denied by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB).

The liquor board based its decision on a law prohibiting the·sale of alcholic beverages on the University of Washington campus, reinforced by the voter rejection of the 19-year-old drinking referendum at the November election, said Ray Jensel, assistant supervisor, Liscense Division of the WSLCB, in a letter to permit applicant John D. Workland.

Prior to the denial of the application, Robert L. Pelloux, senior enforcement officer of the WSLCB, had expressed doubts the liquor board would grant a

Permit to sell beer in the PUB because of the UW law.

A bill has been introduced in the state House of Representatives, however, · which would.repeal the old law prohibiting the sale of alcholic beverages on the UW campus.

Workland said this week he was disappointed the liquor board used the old UW law but that he would reapply for a permit if the Statute is repealed and if he continues to receive·college support for a beer garden in the PUB.

AS President Carol Worthington said she was “disgusted” the liquor board based its decision on the UW law and then backed up their decision citing the defeat of the 19-year-old drinking referendum.

“The UW law does not pertain to EWSC and 62 per cent of the students here are over 21. This makes their basis of their decision totally irrelevant,” Worthington said.